Sunday, April 7, 2013

Continuing With Yard Work and Getting The House And Bobbie T Ready,

DeBary, FL.

55 Deg. Mostly cloudy, no wind.
Forecast = Today: Partly cloudy. Highs around 79°F. East southeast wind 7 to 14 MPH, gusting to 19 MPH.
Tonight: Mostly clear. Lows around 63°F. East wind 2 to 12 MPH, gusting to 16 MPH.

Jim and Linda took CLT (Cute Little Truck), and headed over to the house yesterday morning. When they arrived, Bob was there and was working on pulling the bushes out on the East side of the house. Jim snapped this photo of Bob as he was getting something out of his trailer.

He's been very busy and has been making great progress. The photo below, shows how it looked before Bob started on this side. These bushes were trimmed just a month and a half ago and as you can see, they definitely need trimming again. (Way too much care needed).

Buy the time Bob left, this is what it looked like. All these edging blocks were hidden under the bushes, but were tipped over, misaligned and even buried under the ground. This area will now be filled with mulch and then when we come back in the fall there will possibly be some small low maintenance plants planted.

Being that we'll be away from the house for at least 6 months at a time, the whole yard needs to be low maintenance. No bushes that need constant trimming or pruning, no areas that need constant weeding and only plants that will survive occasional frost.

While Linda was doing the last load of laundry, Jim was continuing to ready the house for hibernation. By the time the laundry was done, everything was pretty much ready except for turning off most of the power.

The only power that will be left on will be the A/C, (with the thermostat set at 85 degrees to keep it from getting too hot inside and to keep the humidity down), a circuit that feeds the shed, (so that the lawn sprinkler system can be operated if it gets too dry), and one circuit that feeds the front of the house and the yard light.

It was about 2:30 by the time CLT brought Jim and Linda back here to Highbanks, (after a quick stop at Winn Dixie to pick up a few groceries). Then, Jim and Linda started to concentrate on getting Bobbie T ready to travel.

Linda worked on getting everything secured inside while Jim added some water to the fresh water tank, dumped the black and grey water tanks and put all the hoses away.

Because by this time they were tired, for dinner, they headed over to Burger King for a sandwich.

There's still some things to do this morning, but I think they have most everything taken care of. Many things will be double-checked because this will be the first actual trip with Bobbie T, and every RV has it's own little items that need to be attended to.

The plan today is to head up to Callahan, FL. and to Kelly's Countryside RV Park, which is NW of Jacksonville. We've been to that park many times before and know what to expect. If anything comes up that needs attention by the time we get there, it'll be a good place to address it. We'll stay there for 2 nights before continuing our journey towards Virginia Beach. Along the way, the plan is to stop in Myrtle Beach for 4 nights, (Jim has made reservations at a park there), with miscellaneous other stops along the way.

Each travel day will be 4 hours or less, so it should be a nice relaxing trip. : )

Oh, and except for using Interstates in the Jacksonville, FL/Savannah, GA area, it'll be all 2 lane roads!!!

Now, that's the kind of traveling I've been missing!!! ; )

Did you know that at the end of fiscal year 2012, Burger King reported it had almost 12,700 outlets in 73 countries?


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