Sunday, April 28, 2013

No Nightmares, Goodwin's RV CG and Mike And Dillon Visit

Moncure, NC.

55 deg. light rain, no wind.
Forecast = Today: Cloudy with chance of light rain. Highs around 66°F. Southeast wind to 7 MPH. Chance of precipitation near 100%. Precipitation amounts up to one quarter inch possible.
Tonight: Cloudy with light rain likely. Lows around 57°F. East southeast wind to 7 MPH. Chance of precipitation near 100%. Precipitation amounts between one half and three quarters of an inch possible.

Mike and his family were going to be busy Saturday evening, so to get to the Apex area around noon, (and allow more time for visiting), we left Williamston a little earlier than we normally would have. In fact, it was right at 9:30 when we pulled out of the Pierce park.

Once on US 64 and heading West, it was smooth going all the way to Raleigh, where we took I-440/40 around to the South of the city and then turned SW on US 1.  1 then brought us right here to Moncure, NC and to Goodwin's RV Campground.

Oh, and the traffic moved very smoothly around Raleigh, so there were no "nightmares" this time. ; )  In fact, we made very good time and by 11:50 we had traveled 133 miles and were pulling into the park.

This is a very small park with only a few sites that are available for short term stays. However, it is  quite nice, and Marc, (the owner), can't do enough for you. The sites are fairly level but the CG is in a very hilly area so that when you enter the CG, you start wondering what you're getting yourself into!!

The photo below is of the road coming into the CG.

This is our site and as you can see, we're up on a hill. There's lots of shade and the sites are nicely graveled.
Marc, helped Jim get backed into the site, (no pull-throughs in this park), and showed Jim were all the utilities were and even offered to help him get them hooked up. Then, before he left, he told Jim that if he or Linda  needed anything, to give him a call on his cell phone.

As soon as Bobbie T was set up, Jim called Mike and told him that we were here. Mike said that Gina and Savanna were busy and Brenna had a bad headache, but that he and Dillon would come out to the park.

So, in about an hour, he and Dillon arrived. : )
The first thing they did, (after hugs), was to take a look at Bobbie T. Both of them seemed to really like her and agreed that she would suit their needs nicely.

After taking "the tour", everyone sat outside under Bobbie T's awning and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
Dillon and Grandma.

While Jim, Linda and Mike were visiting, Dillon was busy exploring the area. He found an "inchworm", and spent a good part of the afternoon watching it and putting it on different objects to see what it would do. ; )

Today, is Gina's aunt's birthday, so Mike and his family will be spending the day with her. Tomorrow is, of course, a school / work day, so plans have been made for Jim and Linda to head over their house tomorrow evening for dinner.

I know that Jim and Linda are anxious to see Gina and the girls!! 

Did you know that you breathe in and out about 23,000 times a day?

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