Friday, April 19, 2013

Busy Busy Busy, Groceries and Reply To A Comment

Virginia Beach, VA.

65 deg. mostly cloudy, SSE wind @ 2 mph.
Forecast = Today: Partly cloudy with isolated showers. Highs around 70°F. Windy, with a south wind to 23 MPH. Chance of precipitation near 30%.
Tonight: Mostly cloudy with scattered storms. Lows around 55°F. Windy, with a south wind 18 to 24 MPH, gusting to 29 MPH. Chance of precipitation near 95%.

Joe, Nancy and the girls were busy most of the day yesterday, so Jim and Linda didn't see much of them. Joe came out here to the MH for a short while to talk and Sami waved as she left for her soccer game, but that was about the extent of it.

Jim and Linda took CLT and headed to the Farm Fresh grocery store near here. They brought back what I thought were too many groceries, but they did manage to find a place for all of them. ; )  Then, since Joe and  Nancy were busy at dinner time, they headed to a Hardee's Restaurant for a sandwich.

I have no idea of what's happening today. Hopefully there will be some time to visit for awhile.

One of the comments on yesterday's post was from Retired Rod. One of the things he was curious about was the fuel mileage that Bobbie T is getting. Well, the news is not as good as Jim had hoped. Emrys with his 450 hp Cummins diesel engine was averaging right at 7.8 mpg. So far, Bobbie T. with her Ford V-10 gasoline engine is averaging 8.5.  Currently,  diesel is running about 40 cents a gallon more than 87 octane gas, so Jim is spending less on fuel, but he was really hoping that Bobbie T would be getting something closer to 10 mpg.

We have been traveling almost completely on non-expressway roads, so we have had a lot of stop and go driving, but I'm sure that if we would have been on Interstate roads instead, we would have been traveling at a higher speed, which probably would have offset the stop and go driving. Also, Jim says that he thinks the wind has more effect on Bobbie T's mileage than it did on Emrys, so that may change the mpg too.

The 7.8 mpg figure that I gave for Emrys was the average mpg for almost the whole time that Jim and Linda owned him. (Many thousands of miles). The 8.5 mph figure for Bobbie T. is only for 840 miles, so time will tell if it gets better or stays near that figure.

Did you know that the Great Dismal Swamp is in Virginia near the North Carolina border?


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  1. But Jim, you are towing the little pickup as well... 8.5 is probably fairly good for a v 10 towing a truck...