Wednesday, April 17, 2013

North Topsail Beach to Williamston, NC. and Reviews

Williamston, NC

54 deg. partly cloudy, no wind.
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After an enjoyable stay at the Surf City Family CG, we left yesterday morning just 5 minutes after 10:00. NC 210 took us NE along the coast and then inland, where we again turned NE on US 17. 17 took us around Jacksonville, NC and continued up to New Bern, where we missed an off ramp and ended up going the wrong way.

It turned out not to be a big problem though as the road we were on was an Interstate type road and we just went to the next exit, went across the road and came back the way we went.

After going around New Bern, 17 took a more Northerly direction and brought us up here to Williamston and the Pierce Mobile Home and RV Park.

As we were entering the park, the owner drove out to the entrance road on his golf cart and waved for us to follow him. Then he led us right to a very nice site, #17 C, and showed Jim where all the utilities were. I think that this was the first time that we have ever been met as we were coming into a CG and led to our site without ever stopping.

It was 12:50 when we pulled into our site, so it took us just 2 hours and 45 minutes to travel 134 miles.

Now, a little about this park. While we were at the Surf City Park, Jim looked on the Internet to find where our next stop would be. He found this park, but on RV Park Reviews the last review of this park was not good at all. But, being that there aren't very many parks in the area, Jim decided that even if it wasn't the greatest, it would be OK for just one night.

Now, I don't know what the last reviewer was talking about, but we didn't encounter any of the problems that he had. The CG is not run down, the roads are not narrow, and even if we still had Emrys (at 45'), I'm sure we could have made it through the park without hitting anything!!!

The above photo is looking to the right from our site. The photo below is looking to the left.

This is from the road, looking back at our site. (Not a weed to be seen). ; )

So, this may be something you want to keep in mind as you're reading park reviews. The owner was very friendly and the cost was only $22 for a full hookup site with Jim's Good Sam discount.

Don't believe everything you read.

Today, we're looking forward to getting to Virginia Beach to see Joe, Nancy Sami and Amber. And, being that Bobbie T is small enough, we'll be able to park in their driveway again!  : )

Did you know that in the USA, deaf people have safer driving records than people who can hear?


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  1. Can't believe anything you hear and half of what you see... ;c)