Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bob's Been Busy, The 4 Poster Bed and Getting Ready

DeBary, FL.

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Tuesday, Jim and Linda took CLT and headed over to the house to do some laundry and to start getting all boxes of food out of the cabinets. It has been suggested by a few different people that any boxes with food in them be removed from the house for the summer because mice and bugs are attracted to them. : (  And, Jim and Linda definitely don't want  to come back this fall to find out that the house is infested.

I think I told you Tuesday that Bob, (the man that Jim and Linda hired to do yard work), has been working on the yard already. Well, this is some of what he's done so far.

This is a pink grapefruit tree in the back yard. As you can see, he's done some major trimming on it. Before he started, there was branch right up against the roof of the house on the right, and the rest of the branches were almost touching the ground. You almost couldn't get under the tree, much less mow the grass under there.

Right next to the grapefruit tree, (on the left in this photo), was another citrus tree. It was a scrawny thing with fruit that was so sour that you couldn't eat it. So, Jim had Bob cut it down. You can see the stump in this photo just to the left of the telephone pole.

Oh, and Jim snapped this photo of Linda's "4 poster bed". The photo isn't very good and the colors are off because of the light coming in through the curtains, but you can get the idea of what it looks like. Jim says that if the posts would have been 3" taller, they would have had to cut holes into the ceiling!!! ; )

Yesterday, Jim got busy early, rearranging some stuff inside of Bobbie T. You see, sitting in one place is one thing, but when you're traveling, things have to be packed much more carefully so that they don't move around or worse yet, come crashing out of the cabinets while driving down the road!!!

After it got light outside and it warmed up a little, Jim went outside and did the same in a few of the outside compartments. After that, he got out his green garden hose, washed the awning, and then, after it dried, rolled it up.

There were 3 reasons that he rolled up the awning yesterday morning. First, they were forecasting possible t-storms with gusty winds, and second, we only have a few days left before we leave, (with 2 of them forecasted to be cloudy with rain), and third, it's one more thing to  check off of Jim's pre-departure checklist. : )

It was early afternoon, when it started raining, and it rained off and on for the rest of the day. So, after helping Linda with a few things inside, it was time for a nap!!! ; )

After dinner, Jim and Linda took CLT (Cute Little Truck), and headed over to the house. Jim had set the recycle bin out by the street Tuesday and wanted to get that off of the curb, Linda had some papers that needed to go to the house, and Jim wanted to get the printer and bring it back here to Bobbie T.

Originally, Jim and Linda didn't think that there would be room in Bobbie T for the printer, but after repacking items, there was room under one of the dinette seats that would work. It won't be handy, but if Jim and Linda need to print a document or something, it will be possible to get it out from under the seat and set it up somewhere.

Oh, one more thing that Jim did outside, just before it started raining yesterday afternoon, was to install the license plates that were removed from Emrys onto Bobbie T. You see, yesterday morning, he received an e-mail from Karen at Alternative Resources saying that all the paperwork for registration and title had been taken care of and it was now legal to transfer the plates.

He'll get the paperwork in the next mail they receive.

Throughout the years, Alternative Resources has been just great when it come to mail and helping to register vehicles. If there is a problem of any kind, they'll take care of it or contact you and inform you what needs to be done. If you deal directly with SD. and there's a problem, they'll kick the paperwork back to you and you'll have to start all over with the process, possibly taking a very long time. (Which is not convenient when your traveling and need tags on your new vehicle).

It costs a little to have Karen take care of it, but both Jim and Linda think it's worth it.

Don't know what's happening today. It's supposed to rain most of the day, so not much outside will be done.  Maybe Jim and Linda will go over to the house and work on getting it ready for summer hibernation.

Did you know that April is "National Kite Month"?


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  1. If you live more than 6 months in the new house, will you still be able to be a SD resident thru Alt Resc? At what point will you be a Fl resident by default because you have sticks and bricks in Fl??

    Meaning Bobbie T and CLT will need Fl plates and you folks will need FL drivers licenses.

    I guess as long as you don't live in FL for 6 months and a day, they probably can't get you.. And FL doesn't have income tax, so they won't be after you there either... Just some thoughts outloud.. Rod