Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Nice Ride and Dinner At Mike And Gina's

Moncure, NC.

61 deg. mist / fog, no wind.
Forecast = Today: Partly cloudy with areas of fog. Highs around 73°F. Northeast wind to 8 MPH.
Tonight: Partly cloudy with chance of light drizzle. Lows around 57°F. Northeast wind to 8 MPH.

Not much happened Sunday, so that's why I didn't post. In fact, it rained a good part of the day, and no one was out and about. Yesterday morning, it finally quit raining, (after adding about 2" to the annual rainfall amount), and then, in late afternoon, the sun even started peeking out from behind the remaining clouds. ; )

After lunch, Jim asked Linda if she felt like going for a ride and to pick up a few things at a grocery store. She asked him where he wanted to go and he said he thought he like to take a ride over to Pittsboro, (a little NW of here), then head over to Jordan Lake, East of Pittsboro), and then take Pea Ridge Road back to Moncure, (making a kind of a triangle).

So, off they went. CLT says that the only place they stopped was at the Food Lion Grocery Store in Pittsboro for bread and some of Jim's adult beverage, but he said that the ride was really nice and relaxing. He also said that Jordan Lake really looked neat as they crossed the bridges over the lake.

Spring is is full swing here in North Carolina so everything is bright green with lots of flowers, trees and bushes blooming. Most of the roads that they traveled were small 2 lane roads where they could just take their time and take in the scenery.

I think it was about 2:30 when I saw CLT coming down the hill into the CG.

After they returned, Jim took a nap, and then, about 5:00 he and Linda took CLT and headed over to Mike and Gina's for dinner.

CLT says that the girls, (Brenna and Savanna), are really growing up. He thinks that both of them grew a few more inches since we were here last fall. : )

After hugs, Gina fixed a very nice dinner and then after eating, she, Mike, Jim and Linda sat out on the front porch and visited while the kids played outside.

By about 8:30, I saw CLT coming back down the hill into the CG again. ; )

Did you know that today is "National Honesty Day"?


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