Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Record Breaking Weather, Still Not Feeling Well, A.S.A.P. and Dave And Dee Dee

DeBary, FL.

37 deg. clear, N. wind @ 10 mph.

Forecast = Today: Sunny. Highs around 63°F. North northwest wind to 13 MPH.
Tonight: Clear. Lows around 43°F. Wind chill around 39°F. North wind 5 to 11 MPH.

Did you see what the temperature is down here in DeBary?  Yep, that's no misprint, Jim's thermometer, which seems to be very accurate is showing 37 degrees and there's more time for the temperature to drop yet before the sun comes up!!!! I wouldn't be at all surprised if the temperature would drop another 2 or 3  degrees!!!!

Except for the record breaking low temperatures, not much else has been happening here. Linda is still not feeling well, and Jim is not yet up to full speed. Jim adjusted the air pressure in Bobbie T's tires and re-arranged things in the back of CLT.

OH, the other day, Jim noticed some water on the floor, near the tub, in Bobbie T's bathroom. he wiped it up and took off an inspection panel. He said that it looked like a water line fitting was leaking, but he couldn't see for sure. Being that it would be a big hassle to make an appointment and take Bobbie T back to LaMesa, he decided to call Jack from A.S.A.P Mobile RV Repairs, who does a lot of RV Repair work here in DeBary and the surrounding area.

Jack was very busy but he was able to come yesterday morning where he found a couple of problems. It seems as someone else has tried to find this leak and had replaced some of the pipe with improper fittings and pipe, so he changed that. He also found the real problem, which was a plastic elbow that had a pinhole leak and only leaked when it got hot from the hot water going through it to the tub/shower faucet.

Jack was very good and in no time he had the problems repaired at a very reasonable cost. He cleaned everything up and suggested that Jim leave the inspection panel off for a day or so to let everything dry out under the tub.

If you're ever in the area and need some repairs on your RV, (no engine or chassis work), give Jack a call at 386-775-7423, He's one of the "good guys" and will do good work at a very fair price. : )

Very soon, Jim and Linda are going to need to get some groceries. They're out of some of the essentials so even if Linda isn't up to it yet, Jim will probably go to the store and buy them. The laundry basket is full, so the laundry needs to be done, so they really need to go over to the house to do it.

Hopefully, Linda will be feeling a little better today, so they can get at least some of it done.

Oh!!!! Jim got an e-mail from Dave. If you remember, he and Dee Dee were heading back to Illinois and the weather forecast wasn't good at all!!! Well, they made it, but had all kinds of problems. They had snow packed roads, very heavy snow, 10" of unplowed snow once they got off of the Interstate near their home in Central Illinois, almost getting stuck with their truck and 5th wheel trailer crossing the Illinois Central RR tracks and getting the trailer backed into their driveway, (which took almost an hour).

They're safe, but they can't use their car because the trailer is blocking the driveway. There's at least 10" of snow on the ground where the trailer needs to be parked and it's uphill, and they'll have to try to dig the snow out of the truck bed so that they can get to the things that they have stored in there.

Boy!!! Am I glad I'm in Florida where the temperature is now 36 degrees!!! ; )

Did you know that the greatest snowfall in a day was 75.8 inches in Silver Lake, Colorado; April 14-15, 1921?


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  1. You're right. It may be cool here in Florida, but it sure beats 10 inches of snow!