Friday, March 29, 2013

Walgreens, Making Arrangements and A Delivery Today

DeBary, FL.

42 deg. clear, W. wind @ 5 mph.

Forecast = Today: Mostly sunny. Highs around 73°F. Northeast wind to 8 MPH.
Tonight: Mostly clear. Lows around 48°F. East wind 1 to 7 MPH.

Not much happening, so that's why I didn't post yesterday. Until later in the day yesterday, Linda still wasn't feeling well at all, but I think she's past the worst part of this really bad cold now. : )

Yesterday afternoon, Jim and Linda took CLT (Cute Little Truck), and headed over to Walgreens. There were some items that they desperately needed and although they didn't have a large selection, they picked up a few groceries to hold them over, too. From there, they went over to the house to take care of a few things  and then headed back here to Highbanks. 

Jim has also been talking to Nancy, (the park manager at Highland Estates), and in the next few days will be making arrangements for the yard to be taken care of at the house plus talking to some folks from the park that are familiar with what needs to be done to the house to make it ready for the months we'll be gone this summer.

Today, Rooms To Go is going to be delivering the bed that Jim and Linda bought about a month ago. They have already received a phone call informing them that the delivery would be sometime between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. So, this morning they'll head over to the house and wait for the delivery.

It's OK though, there's lots of stuff that they can do, like organizing some of the things that they've taken over there. I think that there's probably more laundry that needs to be done too, so I'm sure they'll stay busy. ; )

Did you know that tomato sauce was sold in the 1830s as medicine?


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  1. Don't you just hate those arrival window time frames....? Its like they are saying that their time is way more important than yours... You sit around and we'll be there when its convenient for us! I thought we were the customers....