Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Warning!!! Hugging and Cupcakes

DeBary, FL.

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Warning!!!!! You may not agree with the following comments. They are the thoughts/beliefs of mine and not necessarily the thoughts/beliefs of anyone else.

On the morning news, they are reporting that there is a school up in the NE U.S (I think it was Maryland), where they have banned "hugging"!!!! It seems that the school  board thinks that "hugging" is bad for the kids and could lead to other advances.

In another story, they told about a little boy who had brought cupcakes to school to give to the kids at a birthday party for him. But, there was a problem. The cupcakes had toy soldiers on them for decorations and because the toy soldiers were holding guns, the cupcakes were taken away from the little boy!!!

There have been other stories on the news where a child has gotten in trouble or even been expelled because of some stupid rule that the school came up with. Where is it going to end????? One viewer on the morning news suggested that maybe they should just close all of the schools, keep the kids at home, locked in their room, where they're sure to be safe from everything!!!

Come-on people!!!! Use some sense!!!! Let the kids be kids and let them have some fun!!!! You're taking away all of joys of childhood!!!! Not everyone who has a picture or a paper cut-out of a gun is a terrorist!!.

And hugging???? It's an act of affection!!!! Everyone needs a hug now and then.

Especially small dogs. ; )

Did you know that strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges?



  1. Blaine - Consider yourself Hugged!!

  2. I think if kids got more hugs there would be less problem children :)