Thursday, March 14, 2013

Comment Replies and Friends Comming

DeBary, FL.

42 deg. clear, NW wind @ 10 mph.

Forecast = Today: Mostly sunny. Highs around 64°F. North northwest wind to 16 MPH, gusting to 23 MPH.
Tonight: Clear. Lows around 43°F. Wind chill around 39°F. North northeast wind 5 to 12 MPH.

Hasn't been much to report. Jim and Linda have been reorganizing, taking stuff to the house, bringing different stuff back here, and finding out how the different things in Bobbie T work.

Had a few comments on my last post that I'd like to address. Rod wanted to know about Bobbie T's name and if it's Welch or Gaelic like Myrddin or Emrys?  Well, I don't know much about Welch or Gaelic, but I think Bobbie T is just good old American!!! ; )

Barbara wanted to know if there was room for me on Bobbie T's dash, so that I can report from the road? I'm sure there is. I'm pretty small and I can squeeze in almost anywhere. Besides, I've been riding up on the dash of every MH that Jim and Linda have owned, and I'm not about to take a back seat now!!!

Thanks to all of the rest of you that commented. I'm glad you like my blog so far.

Today, Roland and Louise are coming for a visit and to meet Bobbie T. You long time readers know that they are some of Jim and Linda's best friends. We've stayed at their house in NC, went to visit them in Frostproof in the winter, and they've come up to Rantoul, IL to see us when we're up there for the summer.

Jim and Linda met them during their first year of full-timing at a CG on the panhandle of FL. They weren't full timing then, but started soon after talking to Jim and Linda. Then, a few years later, while driving their car, they had a horrible head-on accident where Louise was very badly injured. After that, they couldn't travel as much, but Jim and Linda remained good friends with Roland and Louise all through the years. They've also bought a double-wide in Frostproof and are thinking about downsizing from their Winnebago Journey to something smaller like Bobbie T.

They should be getting here sometime this morning. : )

Not much else to post about. I'm sure today will be a fun day, visiting with Roland and Louise.

Post's over folks... you kennel move on now.


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  1. Blaine, You are just too funny!!
    Here's a couple for you.

    Q: Why do dogs bury bones in the ground?
    A: Because you can't bury them in trees!

    Q: Why did the poor dog chase his own tail?
    A: He was trying to make both ends meet!

    Q: What do you get if you cross a sheepdog with a rose?
    A: A collie-flower!

    I can see you're laughing!! Aren't you?

    Jenny J and Don