Thursday, July 3, 2014

Freedom Again?

DeBary, FL.

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Those of you that are full-timing, do you remember what it felt like when you drove out of the driveway on your way to a new adventure of full-timing? Or, maybe it was when you finally sold that stix and brix that was holding you back?

Well, today, as Jim and Linda were walking out of the Chemo Doctor's office, there was again, that feeling of freedom.  :-)   Oh, it wasn't the same as they felt as we drove out of that driveway over 13 years ago to start our full-timing adventure, but it was darn close!!!!

You see, today was Linda's last Chemo doctors appointment until we come back here to DeBary, sometime in November. And, to add to the feeling of freedom, Wednesday, Linda had an appointment with the surgeon who installed her port, and he is going to remove it, next Wednesday!!!!

I imagine when she and Jim walk out of his office next Wednesday, they'll get the full effects of the feeling. ;-)

So, unless something goes terribly wrong, by the 14th of this month, we should be on our way to Illinois. :-)

Linda still has a lot of dizziness and a lot of fatigue, but both will slowly diminish with time. The plan is to take it real slow for at least the first few days so that Linda doesn't get too tired and also, so Jim can see how the new trailer is pulling and make adjustments to the weight distribution hitch if necessary. We will also be staying  a couple nights in a few of the campgrounds along the way so that we're not traveling each day.

Of course, Jim has made a trip plan, and it looks like we'll be basically reversing the trip we made down here last August.

Did you know that in 1941, Congress finally established the Fourth of July (Independence Day) as a legal holiday?



  1. That is certainly a great feeling! The rod calls!

  2. Yay! I'm so happy that Linda is through with her treatments. Now some fun can begin.