Thursday, July 10, 2014

Final Countdown

DeBary, FL.

74 deg. clear, no wind, humidity 87%
Forecast =  Partly cloudy with scattered storms. Highs around 91°F. Heat index around 97°F. West wind 2 to 9 MPH. Chance of precipitation near 50%

Houston, we are ready to launch!!!!

Well, maybe not launch, but we are certainly ready to hit the road!!!! ;-) Right now we're at 4 days and counting and everything is looking "good to go!!

Yesterday Big RED took Linda and Jim over to the surgeon's office and the surgeon removed the "port" that has been giving Linda the creeps ever since it was installed way back on the 27th of December, 2013!! :-(   After Dr. Ogle removed the port, he gave Linda a "good to go", and in a total of about 1 hour, Big RED was backing back into the carport and Linda was relaxing in her recliner.

With a big smile on her face, I might add.  .;-)

Before Linda and Jim went to the doctor's office, Laura and Lindsey had stopped by for a few minutes. They chatted for a little while and then just before they left, Linda and Jim gave them a bunch of frozen foods out of the freezer for them to take home and use. There was just too much in the house freezer to take over to the trailer, so if they can use it, it won't go to waste.

As soon as Linda got back from the doctor, she called Laura and told her that the port was out, she was doing fine and it was a very easy procedure. Laura suggested that since we'll be leaving Monday and she'll be busy or working every day before that, it might be nice to go out to dinner together someplace.

So, after taking naps, Jim and Linda took Big RED and headed over to Gram's Kitchen where they met up with Laura and Lindsey for a very nice dinner and some great conversation with a couple of very special people. ;-)

Thanks so much for everything, Laura and Lindsey!!! :-)

So, what's left to do before we leave DeBary? Well, Jim went over to Highbanks early this morning and made some adjustments on the Equal-i-zer weight distribution, sway control hitch on the trailer. It had been set up with the trailer empty and now there's quite a bit of  "stuff" in it that has changed the amount of tongue weight, so he felt an adjustment was needed.  There's medicine to take over to the trailer, as well a clothes, personal items and the rest of the food. Jim and Linda have a pretty large list, but I won't go into all of that here.

Then, they have to get the house ready to sit empty for about 4 months. They'll need to do a little cleaning, close all the blinds and shades, empty the refrigerator, turn off most of the circuit breakers to the house, (the A/C stays on and is set at about 84 degrees, and one other circuit is left on for a light), make sure the water is shut off and of course, make sure all doors and windows are checked and locked. Everything outside needs to be put away or secured so that nothing blows around in case there is a severe storm, and the shop/shed is locked and everything in the Florida room and screened-in section of the carport secured.

There's also things to do like go to the Post Office and have all mail sent to Alternative Resources, their mail forwarding service, stop by the office here in the park to let them know that we'll be gone for about 4 months, talk to Bob, the lawn maintenance guy, and pay for the electric that was used since the first of the month over at Highbanks.


Yeah, there's a lot to do, but I have faith!!! ;-) You can't imagine how ready Jim, Linda and I are to get away from here and get back out on the road. Talk about "hitch itch" we've all got a bad case of it and as far as I know, there's only one way to cure it, and that's to hit the road!! And, to top it off, Monday is the day the lot rent at Highbanks is up, so I'm sure we'll be out of here, one way or another!!! ;-)

Did you know that a third of the human population sneezes when they look at the Sun? Light can signal the ocular nerve near the sinuses and triggers a sneeze.


Achoo!!!!!!! :-)

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  1. So glad you are getting on the road again. Safe travels.