Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DeBary FL to Chiefland FL.

Chiefland, FL. (Chiefland RV Park.

73 deg. rain w/ thunder and lightning, SE wind @ 4 mph. humidity 99%
Forecast =  Partly cloudy with scattered storms. Highs around 90°F. Heat index around 102°F. West southwest wind to 9 MPH. Chance of precipitation near 55%.

By the time Jim and Linda got everything packed away for travel, hooked up the trailer to Big RED, stopped by the office at Highbanks to let them know we were leaving, it was 9:41 when we pulled out of the CG.

Once back to US 17, we took it North up to Barberville where we turned West on Rt.40. Just East of Ocala, we turned North again on Rt 326 and followed it first North and then West around the city. When we came to US Alt.27, we turned NW on it and took it up to Williston, where the road turned more Westerly. Then, it was just a matter of following Alt.27 over to Chiefland and the Chiefland RV Park.

It was 12:20 when we pulled up to the office, so it took us about 2 hours and 45 minutes to travel  127 miles and to  stop twice to check the hitch and trailer.

The Chiefland RV Park is not a great park, and it could use some sprucing up, but for only $15.26 for the  night, Passport America discount, you can't really complain. :-)

So, how did the trip go? Well, Big RED did well pulled the trailer easily. There were a few small hills along this route and he went up and down them with no effort at all. The trailer pulled very well. There was absolutely no sway from passing trucks, the equalizing hitch worked as advertised, and everything stayed where it was supposed to inside.

Because of the new trailer and hitch, Jim did stop 2 times to check them, just to make sure everything was OK. Everything was fine and there were no issues at all.

Also, as expected, Linda had no problems. In fact, I think that we could have traveled for another hour or so without any difficulty.

All in all, ti was a very good day and it sure felt good to be back on the road again. ;-)   It's been way to long. I'm hoping that in years to come we'll be able to travel more and more and spend our summers away from the Florida heat and humidity.

Today we'll head up into Georgia. The trip should be about the same distance as yesterday's trip.

Did you know that the speed of a typical raindrop is 17 miles per hour?



  1. So glad your first day went well!!

  2. It's great to hear that you are traveling again. Enjoy!