Thursday, July 17, 2014


Thomasville, GA. (City of Roses RV PK.

70 deg. partly cloudy, no wind, humidity 86%.
Forecast = Partly cloudy. Highs around 91°F. North northwest wind to 7 MPH, gusting to 13 MPH.

As you've probably guessed by now, Jim and Linda decided to stay another day here in Thomasville. No special reason, just decided to stay and kick-back a little.

Since we were staying an extra day, Jim decided to unhook Big Red from the  trailer and head over to the local Lowe's store to purchase a new battery for his DeWALT 1/2 inch electric drill that he uses to raise and lower the stabilizer jacks on the trailer. He's had the drill for years and it still had the original battery, which wouldn't take much of a charge any more.

So, just before noon, he and Big RED headed out. On the way they stopped at a gas station where Jim filled Big RED's tank with #2 diesel fuel and then continued on to Lowe's, which is only about a mile from the park.  After purchasing a new battery, they went to a Publix  grocery store to pick up a few items before coming back here to the park.

The afternoon was spent taking naps and just taking it easy.

While on the way to Lowe's, Jim had spotted a KFC so for dinner he and Big RED went over there and brought back some chicken, mashed potatoes and slaw. After dinner, Jim dumped the black and gray water tanks on the trailer and put the sewer hoses away.

Oh!! You're probably wondering about the title of this post. Well, Linda has decided that "Nora" would be a good name for the travel trailer. She's always liked the name.  Nora is usually and abbreviation of Eleanora which means "light".

I like the name and I think it fits her well. Now I won't have to refer to her as "the trailer" any more. :-)

Welcome, Nora!!!!! :-)

Did you know that  Canadian Nobel Prize recipient Dr. Frederick Banting, discoverer of insulin, sold the rights to the University of Toronto for $1 so that it was available to everyone?


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