Saturday, June 28, 2014

Another Dr. Visit, Sorting and A Sewing Class For Ashley

DeBary, FL.

73 deg. clear, no wind, humidity 88%
Forecast = Partly cloudy with scattered storms. Highs around 95°F. Heat index around 108°F. West wind to 9 MPH. Chance of precipitation near 30%.

Early Thursday, Linda had another appointment to see Dr. Saferali, the Chemo Doctor. All reports were good but the Dr. decided that Linda was still dehydrated so she prescribed another Saline Transfusion. Rather than come back another day, it was decided that they would do the transfusion right away.

So, while this was happening, Jim took Big RED and headed over to Wally World to purchase a few items. I really don't know why he went to Wally World, He always has problems finding what he wants to purchase there, and this time was no different. :-(

About noon, Jim  went back and picked up Linda and they returned here to the house.

Because Linda had gotten up at the "crack of dawn", ;-)  she spent a good part of the afternoon dozing in her recliner. After taking it easy during the afternoon, she and Jim took Big RED and headed over to Gram's Kitchen for dinner.

Yesterday, Laura came over for awhile and helped Linda sort through the kitchen cabinets here at the house to determine what things she wants to take over to the trailer, what to get rid of and to reorganize the rest. By the time they were finished, there was one box full of items to take to the trailer, a bag and a box of groceries for Laura to take home and a list of items to take to the trailer just before we leave for Illinois, in just over 2 weeks from now.

Thanks Laura!!! ;-)

I don't know if you remember or not, but back on about the 8th of June I wrote about Linda, Laura and Ashley going shopping to buy some material, patterns and supplies for Ashley to use to learn how to use her new sewing machine. Well today, Ashley is going to stop by so that Linda can teach here how to operate the machine and get her started on the sewing project.

I think it'll be fun for both of them. ;-)

Did you know,

The world's longest traffic jam took place in Beijing, China. It was over 60 miles long and lasted 11 days.


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