Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 Months and 14 days and FL To GA

Thomasville, GA. (City of Roses RV Park)

75 deg. overcast, no wind. humidity 96%
Forecast =  Partly cloudy with scattered storms. Highs around 88°F. Heat index around 97°F. West wind to 6 MPH. Chance of precipitation near 35%.

Yep!!! 10 Months and 14 days. That's how long we were in Florida to get Linda's cancer treated. If you count the days from the day she was diagnosed till the day we arrived, you have to add another 9 days onto that, making it 10 Months and 23 days, a total of 327 days.

Anyone who has gone through the diagnosis and the cancer treatments knows what it's like.

First, there's the "I can't believe this is happening to me" stage when you are diagnosed. Then there's the "fear" stage where you realize you have this thing inside of you that may very well kill you!!

Then, you start researching specialist who poke, prod, take X-rays, CAT scans or PET scans,  run a myriad of other tests and finally, after what seems like forever, give you the diagnosis that you were scared to death to hear!!!!

In Linda's case, an exam under anesthesia was needed, then, after multiple doctor's visits, surgery. This would then be followed by Chemo, Radiation and more Chemo treatments. These treatments all have serious side-effects, so there were many  many days of emotional up's and down's,  dizziness, fatigue, the change in appearance, (hair loss and skin changes)  and feeling completely miserable.

If course, there are many doctor's appointments throughout the whole procedure.

And then, there's the family. They're scared too and the main caregiver, in this case, Jim goes through the whole process with the person who actually has the illness.

Finally after all the treatments, you get the final diagnosis, (and hopefully it's a good one), you can start the recovery procedure and start getting back to some kind of normalcy. The recovery from the surgery is long past, but there are still the side effects from the chemo and the radiation treatments that the doctors say may last as long as 1 1/2 years!!!

I'm sure there will be many more doctor appointments throughout the years ahead and I'm sure there will be emotions to deal with before every one of them.

There'll always be that fear that the cancer will return.

Linda's emotions are still right on the edge and when we left the CG in DeBary Monday, she broke down and started crying. I don't think she really knows why, but thinks that it was probably because we were finally RVing again and at times, during her illness, she wasn't sure that we'd ever be on the road again.

Yesterday, we left Chiefland about 9:40 and headed North on US 19. 19 took us up through Cross City and  Perry where we hit some serious thunder storms. In fact, at times we were down to about 40 MPH because even Big RED couldn't see where he was going. By the time we crossed I-10, the rains had subsided and it stayed dry the rest of the way to Thomasville, GA., where we pulled into the City of Roses RV Park.

We have been to the City of Roses RV Park many times before. It's another Passport America park. ($15.00 per night)  It is an old park with quite a few "permanent" RVs but the owner is very nice and always welcomes us back to the park.
It was 12:05 when we arrived, so it took us 2 hours and 25 minutes to travel the  130 miles up here.

As Jim was putting down the stabilizer jacks and hooking up the electric, it started sprinkling again and just after he came inside the trailer, it started raining hard and rained off and on for the rest of the day.  

Did you know that you see your nose at all times, your brain just chooses to ignore it?


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  1. For those of us who have had this cancer diagnosis, we understand the feelings that you express... After my surgery and subsequent treatments, I was convinced that I would not get back to Arizona in my remaining life... But I did, and the emotion as I crossed the border on I 40 passing thru the red canyons along that road overwhelmed me as well.... We have to believe that God has a plan for our destiny...