Thursday, August 7, 2014

Big News!!! More Big News!!! and Yet More Big News!!!

Rantoul, IL.

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Big News!!!!!

While Jim and Linda were waiting for the doctor, yesterday, at Jim's eye doctor appointment, the phone rang and it was Joe, calling from Virginia Beach. Linda took the call and Joe told her that he and the 2 girls, (Sami and Amber), were leaving in an hour or so and heading to Illinois. He said that with all of them taking turns driving, he expected to be here early in the morning for a short visit!! :-) You see, they're actually coming to Illinois to go to the Gladiolus Festival  in the town where he was raised, has lots of friends and his father still lives.

Well, early in the morning was an understatement!!! About 4:30 AM the phone rang and it was Joe saying that they were only about 15 miles South of here!! Jim gave him detailed instructions about how to find us in the CG and soon they were pulling up and parking next to Big RED.

Jim went out to meet them and after lots of hugs, everyone came inside where there were more hugs with Linda. ;-)

Nancy was able to get off of work, so it was a pleasant surprise to see her too!!
It was just a little after 5:00 AM when Jim took these photos so they aren't real great!!

Nancy and Joe

Sami (As you can see, she's a freshman at Virginia Tech) 

Amber (She's a senior in high school in VA Beach)

Jim flipped the coffee pot on when he got up, so Joe and Nancy had a cup and the girls found some grapes in the fridge that they seemed to like.

Everyone was very tired after traveling all night, so after visiting for about an hour, they were on their way to Joe's father's house. Once there, they'll get some much needed sleep.

It sure was great to see them. It was only a short visit, but it had been a long time since Linda and Jim had seen Nancy, Sami and Amber. And, it did wonders for Linda's spirits. ;-) .

Now, more Big News!!!!

Jim's eye doctor appointment went very well and Dr. Anderson told him to keep on using the drops to control the glaucoma. She said that his eyes looked fine but she wants him to get scan of both eyes and also another test that I can't remember what it's called. She doesn't expect any problems though.

That, brings us to yet more Big News!!!!

I don't know if any of you are aware of it, but 2 years ago, Linda's Retinalogist, Dr. Gandhi, told her that she was starting to get cataracts in both of her eyes. Well, her vision is getting worse, so while Jim and Linda were discussing Jim's eyes with  Dr. Anderson, Linda asked her if she could do the surgery and remove her cataracts while we're here in Illinois. (Dr. Anderson specializes in cataract surgery).  She said that she didn't see why not and sent in the receptionist to make appointments for a pre-op check and the fist eye surgery which should be right after Linda sees Dr. Gandhi on the 22 of this month, to make sure she doesn't have any additional retina damage.


So,  ,  ,  , when Linda goes to Dr. Gandhi on the 22nd, Jim will get the scan of his eyes done at Dr. Gandhi's office. And, when she goes in for the pre-op soon after that, Jim will get the other test done at Dr. Anderson's. Then, if all goes well, soon after Labor Day, Linda will have surgery on one eye and surgery on the other one a weeks or 2 later.

After returning from the Doctor's, Jim took a little nap to rest his eyes. For dinner, Linda heated up some left-over pizza. After eating, they watched TV and read until bedtime.

Did you know that today is "Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day"?




  1. Wow, so much excitement! Glad that Linda can get her cataract surgery while you are in Illinois. She'll be so surprised at the difference in her vision :)

  2. That's a lot of news! Thankfully it's all GOOD news!