Sunday, August 10, 2014

An Answer To A Comment and A Long But Very Good Day

Rantoul, IL.

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First of all, I'd like to answer a question to a comment I received yesterday.

Selene & Hank asked how long we would be staying here at Prairie Pines CG because they may be coming to this area?  Our plans are to be here until at least the 1st of October to take care of Linda's cataracts and some other personal things. Then, sometime in October, (I don't know just when), we'll head out to the East Coast to see our 2 sons and then head down to FL, getting down there sometime, mid-November.

We'd love to see both of you, so come on by if you can. There'll be plenty of room anytime except the Labor Day weekend and possibly a site aviable even then.

Friday morning, Jim and Linda took Big RED and headed North to Wilmington, IL. The route they took was US 136 from Rantoul to IL-47 West of Fisher. Then they took 47 all the way up to Dwight, IL and then  "Historic Route 66" from Dwight to Wilmington.

It was about 90 miles up there, and it took almost 2 hours.

After the meeting with their Financial Adviser, (which lasted almost 2 hours and was very productive), they went across the street to the Chick A Dee Restaurant for a bite to eat. When they finished, they found out that their Financial Adviser had called and told the restaurant that he was picking up the tab!!!

Nice!!!! :-)  Thank You, Dean!

From Wilmington, they headed to Manteno, IL and to Jim's cousin's house. It's only abut 25 miles over there, but because of a detour and the town of Manteno to go through, it took about 45 minutes to get to Adeline's house.

Adeline was very happy to see Jim and Linda and they had a great visit with her, catching up on her life and that of her 2 adult sons and grand kids.  She hadn't even heard about Linda's medical problems, so they discussed that too.

About 3:30 after many hugs, Jim and Linda left and headed back down here to the CG. They took all 2 lane roads, county roads and US-45, (rather that I-57), so it took them about 1 hour and 45 minutes to travel the 77 miles from Manteno to here at Prairie Pines.

It ended up being a long day, but a very good and rewarding one. As I said, the meeting in Wilmington went very well and Adeline is doing OK, but she is thinking about moving to an "Assisted Living" facility because at 80 years old, she is starting to have trouble taking care of her house. It was good to see her again and hopefully, Jim and Linda will be able to go and visit her again next year.

Not much happened yesterday. Jim went to the County Market Grocery Store here in Rantoul and picked up some much needed groceries. Then, in the afternoon, he took a nap before cooking a part of a ham steak out on the grill while Linda cooked sweet corn-on-the-cob inside. The evening was spent watching British Comedies on TV.

Today, there are plans to go up to Gilman, IL to meet up with Joe and his family for lunch. Gilman is about 1/2 way between here and Momence, IL where they have been since they stopped by here very early  Thursday morning. It'll be just a short visit but at least Linda and Jim will be able to see them again before they head back to Virginia Beach tomorrow. :-)

Did you know that on this date in 1846 - The Smithsonian Institution was chartered by the U.S. Congress? The "Nation's Attic" was made possible by $500,000 given by scientist Joseph Smithson.


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