Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Shopping Trip and An Appointment For Jim

Rantoul, IL.

64 deg. partly cloudy, light fog.
Forecast = Partly cloudy with widespread heavy fog. Highs around 81°F. North northeast wind to 6 MPH.

Not a whole lot happening here in Rantoul. Yesterday, Big RED took Jim and Linda over to Walgreen's. Jim has Linda's "Mobility Chair"
"file photo"

 in the back of Big RED so they used that, so that Linda could go inside and buy some new make-up to replenish her current supply, some other items that they both needed and a new prescription from the doctor's visit last Wednesday.

Linda doesn't use the chair much anymore, but in this case, it was too far to walk without getting dizzy and needing a place to sit down, so it was easier.

After returning and resting up a bit, Jim fired up the grill and cooked a couple of small steaks while Linda cooked an ear of sweetcorn for herself and some peas for Jim. (Linda doesn't like peas). :-(

That steak sure smelled good!!!! ;-)

 The evening was spent watching the TV, reading and using the computer.

Today, Jim has an appointment at 1:00 with his eye doctor to have his glaucoma checked. Her office is on the South side of Champaign, so they'll have to allow somewhere between 1/2 and 3/4 of an hour to get there on time.

This is one of the appointments that was missed last fall when Linda was diagnosed with cancer and we rushed down to Florida. Dr. Anderson was good enough to renew the prescription for the eye drops over the phone though, so Jim has been able continue to use them every day.

Did you know that on this date in  1952 - Satchel Paige, at age 46, became the oldest pitcher to complete a major league baseball game?



  1. Good luck at the eye doctor today Jim...hope everything checks out fine! We'll have to get together again soon and you can give us a report. :)

  2. I always knew Linda was an intelligent person! (I hate peas too) :)