Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jim's Test, Linda's Pre-op and Two Big Boxes

Rantoul, IL.

64 deg. partly cloudy, no wind.
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About 1:30 yesterday afternoon, Big RED took Jim and Linda down to Dr. Anderson's office. Jim had to take a field of vision test, (which he passed with flying colors), and Linda needed to see Dr. Anderson for the pre-op for cataract surgery.

Linda's pre-op went well and she is now scheduled for the procedure to her left eye on the 8th of September.

They dilated Linda's eyes so when Big RED brought her and Jim back here to the CG, she was wearing some large dark glasses to help with the glare.

While they were gone, I had some excitement!!! I was taking a little nap when all of a sudden I hear a noise just outside of the door. I'm not big enough to see out of the window next to the door, so I couldn't see what was happening but I knew someone was out there doing something!!!

I didn't find out what was going on until Jim and Linda returned and Jim brought 2 huge boxes inside.

And, I couldn't tell what was in the boxes until I jumped up on top of the large one and read was it said on the box.

Yep!! A new Sleep Number mattress!!!

I knew that Jim and Linda weren't happy with the original mattress that came with Nora, but I didn't realize that they had ordered a different one. I shouldn't have been surprised though because neither Jim or Linda were sleeping too well on the old one.

Jim and Linda have had Sleep Number mattresses before. They had one when they had a house, before we went full-timing and then purchased another one when they had Myrddin. That mattress was moved into Emrys, but stayed there when Emrys was traded for Bobbie T., because it wouldn't fit in her.

So,  ,  ,  ,  ,  Guess what today's big project will be????  I hope everything goes well, because it just won't work to have these 2 big boxes sitting inside of Nora for any length of time.

Linda seems to be doing pretty well. By the time she went to bed last night, her eyes were feeling much better. She said that her right eye still felt a little scratchy from the injection though.

Did you know that the average blink of an eye lasts for about 1/10th of a second?


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  1. We love our sleep number bed too. Well, at the moment George is :)