Monday, August 11, 2014

A Little More "Entertainment" and Lunch With Joe And His Family

Rantoul, IL.

68 deg. cloudy, NW wind @ 6 mph.
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All of the campers that were here for the weekend left yesterday morning providing a little more "Campground Entertainment". It's always fun to watch them try to get everything packed up and put away in their RVs and other vehicles. Most seem to bring way too much "stuff" and spend a good part of their weekend getting the "stuff" set up and then put away again. ;-) Then, of course, there's the hook-up process which in many cases is very entertaining.

By noon, almost all were on their way back to their homes and the CG was nice and quiet again. :-)

About 12:30 the phone rang and it was Joe, saying that they were just about to leave Momence and head to Gilman, IL to meet up for lunch. So, in just a few minutes, Jim and Linda took Big RED and headed up there to meet them.

The place they met was the K & H Truck Plaza at the intersection of US 24 and US 45, about 1/2 mile East of I-57. The K & H Truck Plaza has been in business since 1967 and is known for it's very good restaurant that serves home cooked meals, (not your usual truck stop food).  I don't think Joe or his family had ever been there before, but Jim and Linda had, and in fact Jim used to stop there when he was driving truck, many years ago.

The timing was good and Joe, Nancy, Sami and Amber got there just as Jim and Linda arrived. The timing was also good in another respect as the Sunday lunch crowd was just starting to leave and a table for 6 had just been cleared. :-)

The food at the restaurant did not disappoint.  Everyone had something different and everyone enjoyed their meal. Joe, had the fried chicken special, and said that it was excellent!! The service was also excellent, and the waitress was very friendly and efficient.

Being that the restaurant had pretty much emptied out by the time everyone was done eating, there was no reason to hurry so they all sat and talked for awhile. But, all too soon, it was time for Joe and his family to head back to Momence again. :-(   Out in the parking lot, after hugs all around, Jim and Linda headed back here to the CG and Joe and his family headed back to Momence.

It was a very good visit and a good meal. We'll be seeing them again in late Oct. or early Nov.

It was around 3:30 by the time Big RED brought Jim and Linda back here to the CG.

Did you know that on this date in 1860 - The first successful silver mill in America began operations? The mill was in Virginia City, NV. 



  1. The "entertainment" in this CG is a little different. It' watching the campers trying to figure out where they will put their tents. Sometimes i see a fully setup tent going down the road to a new site. Then there's the kids running all over the place, up and down the hills chasing balls and each other. It's only occasionally that there is the typical RV parking challenges and those sites aren't in view from my site.

  2. Sounds fun, would love to have been there .