Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ohio To Indiana and A Visit With Mike And Sandy

Indianapolis, IN.

72 deg. overcast, no wind.

Forecast = Thunderstorms likely this morning. Then the chance of scattered thunderstorms this afternoon. A few storms may be severe. High 83F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 100%.

It rained some more Friday night, so in the morning there was still water standing everywhere. So, by carefully dodging the deepest puddles, Jim was able to get the electric unhooked and the stabilizer jacks raised. Then, because there was a puddle about 2 inches deep right by the passenger door of Big RED, Jim pulled him and Nora out of the site so that Linda wouldn't have to wade through the water.

By 9:30 we were pulling out of the Huggy Bear CG and heading into Van Wert to get Big RED a drink of that good old #2 diesel fuel. Then it was back on US 30 to the West side of town where we turned first South and then West in US 224. 224 then took us into Indiana and to I-69. Following 69 in a Southwesterly direction brought us down to I-465, which is the belt route around Indianapolis. 465 then brought us down to the south side of Indy, where we turned off on Rt. 37, heading South. Then is was only about a mile or so to the Lake Haven Retreat Campground which is just off of 37 on Edgewood Ave.

It was 12:50 when we pulled up to the office, so even with stopping for Big RED's drink and a "pit stop" at a rest area along I-69 it still only took us 3 hours and 20 minutes to travel the 166 miles down here.

US 224 was a good 2 lane road, but I-69 and I 465 left something to be desired. Both Interstates were quite rough at times and the bridge approaches were for the most part, very rough.

We've been to the Lake Haven Retreat Campground quite a few times before. It's the most convenient to Mike and Sandy's house, the CG is well maintained, but the sites are close together and except for a small section, there's no shade of any kind. A good place for an overnight stay though.

About 4:00 Big RED took Jim and Linda over to Mike and Sandy's. Mike, (Linda's cousin), seems to be doing pretty well right now and she and Mike had a very nice visit.  For dinner, they had pizza and then talked some more until about 9:00. Then it was H and H, (Hugs and Handshakes) before coming back here to the CG.

Today, we'll be heading to Rantoul, IL. where we'll be staying for most of the rest of this summer. I'm looking forward to gong back there and just kicking back for awhile. Of course Linda will have doctor''s appointments and they'll need to take care of some other business in the area, but there'll be a lot of time when we can all relax and enjoy the summer.

Did you know that the first long-distance auto race in the U. S. was held May 30, 1911, at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway? The winner averaged 75 miles an hour and won a 1st place prize of $14,000.


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