Thursday, June 4, 2015

From KY, Through VA, A Little Of WV And Into Ohio

Piketon, OH.

60 deg., Fog, no wind.

Forecast = Sun and clouds mixed. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 83F. Winds light and variable.

We really enjoyed our stay that the Woodsmoke CG, but Tuesday morning, about 9:45, we left and continued heading North on US 23
Now, again, let me remind you that parts of US 23 has been upgraded to an Interstate highway (I-26), but for most of our trip, we’ll be on US 23, so that’s the road designation that I’ll use.

23 took us up through Johnson City, across I-81 and up into Virginia. The road in VA was not the Interstate type, but remained 4 lane all the way through the state. There were also some pretty steep grades with the steepest ones being 8% while most were in the 5 or 6% range.

Once through Virginia and into Kentucky, the road leveled out somewhat and from the VA state line up to Prestonburg. The road was, however very twisty with smaller hills all the way.

A little past Prestonburg, we turned off of 23 onto KY 3 and took it East to KY 3051 which brought us to the Jenny Wiley State Resort Park.   Jenny Wiley S.P. is a nice park. They have an area with full hook-ups, another area with pull-through sites with water and electric, back-ins with water and electric and even some primitive sites for tents and everything seems to be quite well maintained.
What this CG is missing is any AT&T cell service, any wireless Internet, or any over-the-air TV signals!!  Now, I don’t know about Verizon or any of the other providers, but there is absolutely NO AT&T!!!

So, if you’re wanting to call someone or get in the Internet, you’d better do it before turning off of US 23.

Here's a few photos of the "A" section that we were in.

It was just 1:00 when we pulled up to the registration building, so it took us about 3 hours and 15 minutes to travel the 166 mile up there.

Yesterday morning, (Wednesday), we left the Jenny Wiley SP about 10:10 and took Rts. 3051 and 3 back to US 23 where we again turned North. Following 23 brought us up to Louisa, where we pulled into a gas station and bought Big RED a nice drink of that good old #2 diesel fuel. Then, it was back on 23 and up to I-64 where we turned East into West Virginia for about 7 miles. Once to Exit 6, we turned North on US 52, and crossed the Ohio River and into Ohio. Then, it was just a matter of following 52 up to Portsmouth where we again turned North on US-23.

52 up along the Ohio River was a very good road and the traffic moved quickly along the mostly 4 lane divided road. The only slow spot was just before we got to 23 in Portsmouth where there were many stop lights and lots of traffic.

Once back on 23 it was a short drive up to Piketon, OH and the Rockwater Campground.

Now, if you look at their web site, it appears that they have quite a few spaces to rent. NOT SO!!!! They have completely filled the CG with permanent RVs and when we first found someone to talk to, they said that the CG was completely full and they had no sites for overnighters!! :-(

But, after talking to the man for a little, he said that one of the permanent RVs had just left the day before, and he could rent the site to us, being that we only wanted to stay for 2 nights. He said that he'd have to clean the lot off though because there were some wooden steps sitting on it and the site  needed to be leveled out a little, both of which he could do with his Bob-Cat.

He hauled the steps away and in a short time he had the site leveled and looking nice, so Jim backed Nora and Big RED into site #37. :-)

It was again, right at 1:00 when we pulled up to the office, (About 1:45 by the time we were into the site), so it took us right at 2 hours and 50 minutes to travel the 136 miles up here and buy Big RED his drink.

If you're traveling up this way I don't recommend that you plan on stopping at the Rockwater Campground. It's now all permanent sites and it was just pure luck that one of the sites was open for us.

Did you know that Ohio is the leading producer of greenhouse and nursery plants?


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