Monday, June 22, 2015

Oh Oh A Leak!!, Fried Squirrel and Father's Day

Rantoul, IL.

70 deg. clear, S. wind @ 6 mph.

Forecast = Wind increasing. A mix of clouds and sun. A stray severe thunderstorm is possible. High near 90F. Winds SSW at 20 to 30 mph

First of all, I hope all of you fathers out there had a "Happy Father's Day"!!!!

I think if was Tuesday when Jim noticed a few drops of water on the kitchen floor. It was right under the Air Conditioner, so Jim thought that maybe, because it has been so humid here, the AC had frozen up some and it had defrosted its self during the night. He wiped up the spots with a paper towel and also wiped a few drops off of the AC. The next morning, after some rain overnight, there was more water on the floor, and he suspected that possibly, the seal under the AC was leaking.

After taking the inside cover off (held on by 7 screws), and checking, he determined that the 4 bolts/screws that hold the AC down to the roof were not very tight, so he tightened them, dried everything off and re-installed the cover. Well, that must have been the problem cause even though we've had more rain and have operated the AC under very humid conditions, there haven't been any more drips of water on the floor!!!

It's nice when a problem has a fairly simple fix!! ;-)

Saturday morning there was this big "POP" sound and all of the electricity went off!! I knew what it was, cause it's happened when we've been here in years past.

You see, there's an electrical distribution/sub station, right next to the CG where they have a bunch of transformers and other electrical equipment and every once in awhile something goes wrong over there and cuts off the power.

Well, this time it was one of those goofy squirrels who run around here at the CG, getting into things and dropping nuts onto RVs. This time, one of them got into the wires over there and Zappp!!! Fried Squirrel!!!!  :-O

I don't know what he was doing over there. There's no nuts or anything to eat, there's no leaves or twigs to make a nest. I guess he was just exploring, but he explored in the wrong place. Hope all the other squirrels in the area learned a lesson!!!

Jim had a very nice Father's Day yesterday. In the morning, Jeff called from Portland Oregon and they talked for about a half hour. Jeff seems to be doing well, and if everything works out, he and maybe Heather will be flying out to the East Coast this fall to see his brother, Mike, in N. Carolina and then connect up with us, either in NC or Florida.

Jim told Jeff that he'd send him money for air fare if he could work out the times and dates. :-)

After lunch, Mike called from NC. He and Jim talked for 20 minutes or so. Mike, Gina and the kids all seem to be doing well, They were getting ready to go out to eat at a restaurant near where they live.

Later in the afternoon, Laura called from Florida to wish Jim a Happy Father's Day. She couldn't talk for long as she was getting ready to head to work, but it was sure nice of her take the time to call.

Then, in the evening, Joe called. He and his family are in Myrtle Beach, SC for a little vacation and will be returning home to Virginia Beach next weekend. They also seem to be doing fine and are enjoying their trip. :-)

For dinner, Jim and Linda headed over to Monical's Pizza. They went a little early because they were concerned about a lot of folks having the same idea, and it's a good thing they did. By the time they finished eating, the place was almost full.

Today, Jim needs to get one of Nora's propane tanks filled. He'll probably do that this morning because the "weather guessers" are saying that it's supposed to be hot, humid and windy this afternoon.

Did you know that First local Father's Day was celebrated on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington?  Sonora Louise Smart Dodd started the tradition of Father's Day in the honor of her dad, William Smart, a widowed Civil War veteran.


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