Friday, June 19, 2015

A Few Campground Photos and Unusual Weather

Rantoul, IL

64 deg. overcast, NE wind @ 8 mph.

Forecast = Some sun, then turning cloudy and not as warm but humid with a shower or thunderstorm around. Wind ENE 10 mph Gusts: 16 mph.

This morning, I thought I'd show you a couple photos of the Prairie Pines CG here in Rantoul.

As you come into the park, you'll come to a stop sign where you stop to register. To the right, you'll see the pavilion where clubs meet and have their meals.

Just past the stop sign and to the left, you'll see Nora and probably Big RED parked in site #23.

A view to the rear of Nora, looking out from under the awning. This is also the view out of the rear windows of Nora.

Another view of our "back yard". :-)

The weather since we arrived here has not been the best. It's either very hot and muggy or it's raining. Once in awhile the sun comes out and it's pleasant, but those times seem to be far and few in between. They've had so much rain here this spring that a few of the sites are basically unusable as the grass areas that you have to cross are too soft to support most RVs and in fact, just before we arrived here, a few got stuck! :-(

Right now, we're feeling the very north edge of what was Tropical Storm Bill, which has made it's was up here from the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the rain seems to be staying to the south of us, and that's good, cause we don't need any more rain here.

Next week, the weather guessers are saying that the weather should improve and we should be getting some sunshine. The downside is that they're forecasting that the high temperatures will be around 90 degrees!!!

Very unusual for central Illinois at this time of year.

Jim and Linda haven't been doing much. Linda has been doing a bunch of embroidery and has made it a point to walk over to Paul and Louise's site almost every day to visit. Jim picked up a few groceries at the County Market Grocery Store the other day, and was able to cook some pork chops out on the grill one night.

Other than that, they've just been doing normal everyday things.

I don't know how much I'll be posting while we're here in Rantoul. Most days there probably won't be anything to post about, but I'll be sure to let you know if anything interesting happens.

Did you know that today is "National Flip Flop Day"?


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  1. Always enjoy pictures of your park up there. Going to be a hot summer I think!