Monday, June 15, 2015

Indiana To Illinois, That "Back Home Feeling" and My Injury

Rantoul, IL.

71 deg. clear, SW breeze @ 6 mph.

Forecast = Mixed clouds and sun with scattered thunderstorms. A few storms may be severe. High 83F. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

We left the Lake Haven Retreat Campground, South of Indianapolis about 10:15 and headed back North to I-465 on Rt 37. 465 then took us on around the SW and W sides of the city and up to I-74. 74 then took us NE through the West part of Indiana and into Illinois, where we pulled into a Rest area so Jim could do a "walk around" to make sure everything was OK after going over some very rough road sections.

In Illinois, we had Road construction for about 20 miles, but the traffic moved well and we didn't have any delays. Once we got to the little town of St. Joseph, we turned off of I-74 and took county roads up here to Rantoul and the Prairie Pines Campground.

It was 11:40 when we pulled up in front of the office, so it took us just 1 hour and 25 minutes to travel the 135 miles over here.

Wait!!! Wait!!! that can't be right!!!!  Oh, I forgot!!! we crossed into the Central Time Zone so it was 12:40 when we arrived. It took us 2 hours and 25 minutes! That's better. ;-)

We'll be staying here at Prairie Pines for most of the summer. We really like it here and it always seems like we're coming back home and it feels very "comfortable" when we arrive. We know quite a few people who come here regularly and in fact, a few of them have already stopped by to welcome us back. :-)

Well, I guess I'd better tell you about me getting hurt on the way here to Rantoul, in case I end up in the hospital or something!!
You see, on the way here, we were on a rough section of I-74 and Linda opened the little cooler that we have to get out a bottle of water. Well, just as she was closing the lid, we hit a big bump, I slipped and before I could react, the lid was closed on my leg!!!!

Wow!!! That really hurt!!!!

I don't think it's broken and neither do Jim or Linda, so I think I'll be OK in a few days, but it's really sore now!!!  Luckily it was my back leg or I wouldn't be able to write the Blog!!!

 Did you know that there are between 20,000 and 23,000 animal hospitals in the United States?


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