Sunday, March 15, 2015

Computer Repaired!!!!

DeBary, FL.

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Whew!!!!! Lucked out!!!!

Friday morning, Jim called David,  The Florida PC Doctor  and told him that this laptop computer was still locked up. He gave Jim his home address and told him that if he could bring it to his house and give it to his wife, he would look at it as soon as he arrived home, (sometime during Friday afternoon).  So, after programming the address into Tillie, (the GPS Unit), Jim and  Linda hopped into Big RED and headed over to his house.

David's house is over in Enterprise, which is a small town about 8 or 10 miles from here, so even though it was all city/residential roads over there, it only took about 20 minutes to get there. David's wife was very nice and helpful and soon Big RED was on his way back to DeBary.

On the way back, they stopped by Walgreen's and picked up a prescription for Jim and a few other items before returning here to the house.

Later Friday, David called and told Jim that he had gotten the computer unlocked, but that he wanted to run a few programs on it to make sure everything was working properly and to make sure that there wasn't any virus or malware still on the computer. He said that he'd call Jim when he was finished.

Well, yesterday morning, (Saturday), he called and soon Jim and Linda were heading over there to pick up the computer. David got everything cleaned up and now it's working just fine again with no loss of data!! :-) Whew!!!!

Normally, David comes to where ever you are to repair a computer, as he really doesn't really have a shop at home. But, being that he was so busy with this problem that was going on with so many computers, he made an exception for us.

Thank you, David, for the prompt and excellent service at a reasonable price!!!

If you're ever in the DeBary/Orange City, Deltona/Sanford area, and need help with a computer problem, give The Florida PC Doctor a call!!!

He's one of the "Good Guys"!!!  :-)

Did you know that "Touch-Tone Phones were introduced in 1964?


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