Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wild Hog Cookout and 30

DeBary, FL.

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Last Thursday evening, Jim and Linda decided that they wanted to go out to eat someplace. Neither of them wanted a big meal, so they headed for Arby's cause they had a bunch of coupons from there.  On the way, they stopped at a gas station and bought Big RED a nice big drink of that good old #2 diesel fuel.

Nothing much happened Friday or Saturday, but Sunday, Jim and Linda took Big RED and headed for Frostproof, FL. where Roland and Louise spend the winters in their double-wide home. I don't know if you remember or not, but a couple weeks ago, Roland called and invited them to come down there for a "wild hog cookout", and Sunday was the day they were having it.

Roland said that they'd be eating about 2:30, but for Jim and Linda to come early if they could, so about 11;30, they loaded their lawn chairs and a desert that Linda had made into Big RED and headed down there. It's about 95 miles from here to Frostproof, and about the only way to go is to follow I-4 down through Orlando and past the "Attraction" to US 27, and then take 27, with all it's stop lights, down to Frostproof.

The trip took Big RED about an hour and 45 minutes. He said that at times they were traveling close to 70 mph and at other times just crawling along while on I-4. One on US 27 he said that he had to stop frequently at the many stop lights along that route.

The "wild hog cookout turned out to be a huge success!! All the food was placed on tables inside of a Florida Room in the house next to Roland and Louise's.

Oh! Oh!  I'd better stop and explain here that Roland and 3 other friends from the park, (one of them who lives in the home next to them), went hog hunting awhile back. The got 3 hogs and so after butchering, they had lots of meat. So, they all cooked some of their meat in their own homes and brought it to Roland's neighbor's home where it was set out on the tables in the Florida Room along with all the dishes that other people brought. (this was a potluck type meal).

So, with the food all placed on the tables, and other tables set up in the car ports of that house and the house across the street, people started arriving and soon there were people everywhere sitting talking and waiting for the time when they could sample the wild hog cooked in 3 or 4 different ways.

The photo above is the home where all the food was placed in the Florida Room. If you look close, you can see the tables set up inside. (click on the photo ot enlarge it if you want). You can also see the tables set up in the car port where about 1/2 of the 110 people that were friends or from the park would eat their meals after they filled their plates.

This photo is of the car port across the street from the above home. It is where Jim, Linda, Roland and Louise and the other 1/2 of the 110 people enjoyed their meals. ;-)

While they were eating a group of 5 folks from the park entertained everyone with harmonica music.

After everyone was finished eating, Jim took this photo of (from left to right), Linda, Roland and Louise.

Both Jim and Linda really enjoyed the day, visiting with Roland and Louise, meeting many people from the Southern Pines Park and enjoying a great meal.

Thank You, Roland and Louise!!!!!

It was fairly late by the time Big RED brought Jim and Linda back here to DeBary. Both of them were tired, but they had a great day!!

OH!!! and it was also a great way for Jim and Linda to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary!!!!

Yep!!! 30 years!!! And you know what? They're still in love!!!! :-)

Did  you know that the 30th wedding anniversary is considered the "Pearl" anniversary?



  1. Happy Anniversary to you both!

  2. Glad you were able to visit Roland and Louise and eat some hog. I love wild pig, yum! Oh, and happy anniversary!!