Sunday, March 8, 2015

New Glasses and Dave And Dee Dee Stop By

DeBary, FL.

51 deg. clear, no wind.
Forecast - Partly cloudy. Highs around 77°F. North northeast wind 4 to 9 MPH.

By his eye doctor up in Illinois, it was suggested that Jim get new glasses back in 2013, but then Linda got sick and so they were kind of put on hold. Well, Wednesday, Jim decided that it was time. so he and Linda took Big RED and headed over to the 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore in Orange City.

They have a special where if you buy one pair of glasses, you get a second pair free for yourself or a family member and the plan was to get Jim a new pair of glasses and then Linda could get the second free pair. Well, all of that went according to plan, but when the optometrists learned that Linda was getting the injections in her eye, she suggested that Linda not get glasses right now as the injections more than likely were affecting her vision and new glasses would probably be a waste of money.

So, what to do?

Well, Jim still needed new glasses so he went ahead and had the exam and picked out the new frames. He didn't need a second pair of glasses, so being that Linda wouldn't  be getting the second free pair, the manager at the store started discounting Jim's glasses. She discounted his glasses to 1/2 price, and also gave him a large discount on the optional transition lenses he wanted.

Once Linda's eyes stabilize she will be able to get new glasses, but for now, the reading glasses that she purchased at Walgreen's are working quite well.

Thursday, Dave and Dee Dee, (Part of the Illinois Bunch), stopped by.  They were on their way from Thonotosassa, (where they now have a "Park Model Home", to visit some people in Orange City for a few days. They stayed and visited for a couple hours before heading over there. It was sure good to see them again and tentative plans were made to meet up with them up in Rantoul, sometime this fall.

Thanks for stopping by, Dave and Dee Dee, Jim and Linda really enjoyed your visit!! :-)

Friday, Jim went back to the eyeglass store and picked up his new glasses. They're a little different than his last ones, but I like them and he says that he can see better with them.

Nothing much else to report. A small leak had appeared out in the storage shed so Jim called Kevin, (a local handyman), and he came over one day and caulked an area where there were the screws go through the roof to fasten it to the shed walls. Other than that, it's just been the normal day-to-day things like laundry and grocery shopping.

Did you know that Salvino D'Armate probably invented eyeglasses in around 1285, though various sources suggest an earlier origin. He shared the invention of his new device with Allesandro della Spina, an Italian monk, who made it public and is often credited with inventing eyeglasses. The first eyeglasses had frames made of metal or bone and had lenses made out of quartz because the ''opticians'' of that time didn't have the capabilities of producing flawless lenses in glass.


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