Monday, October 28, 2013

The Waiting Is Over and Linda's Surgery

DeBary, FL.

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I'm posting this on Monday evening so that all of you get the news as soon as possible.

In the middle of the night, (3:50 AM Monday morning), I heard Jim and Linda's alarm clock beeping in the bedroom and soon Jim came out and started getting ready to leave. Soon after, Linda came out and then about 4:20, Jim and Linda waked out of the house, got into CLT (Cute Little Truck), and headed to the Bob Evans Restaurant parking lot, where they had made plans to meet up with Laura at 4:30.

As soon as Laura arrived, they headed , (with Laura leading the way), to the Halifax hospital in  Daytona Beach. CLT says that they got there about 5:00 and were in plenty of time for Linda's 5:15 appointment.

In just a short time, they had Linda in a room and were prepping her for surgery. Surgery was scheduled for 7:30, but there were some delays, and it was almost 8:30 when they began.

The surgery went well and they were able to do the daVinci  Robotic method, which means that they didn't have to make a large incision. The surgery did not go real smoothly though and the procedure took about 4 hours.

I won't go into the details here, but in the end, the results were very good and she came through the surgery with flying colors!!!! ;-)  By 3:30 in the afternoon, she was eating broth and Jello, and drinking liquids.

Jim said that she is sore, but doesn't have severe pain. Her vitals are all good, and if she can tolerate solid food and continues to improve, she should be coming home tomorrow!!!!! :-)  She's in good spirits and was joking around with Jim, Laura and the nurse.

About 5:30 Linda started getting tired, so Jim gave her h and k, (hugs and kisses), and came back here to the house. Laura will stay the night. They have an extra bed in the room for someone to sleep on and they actually encourage family to stay.

So,  ,  ,  ,  ,  the surgery went well, even though it did take a long time. Linda is doing well and hopefully she'll get to come home tomorrow. In about 2 weeks she'll have an appointment with Dr. Molpus, (the surgeon), any further treatments or procedures will be discussed and then in about 6 to 8 weeks, additional procedures/treatments will start if required.

And,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  the waiting is over!!!! :-)

Linda and Jim want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. They were of great help and are very much appreciated.

Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!!

Did you know that the harder you concentrate on falling asleep, the less likely you are to fall asleep?



  1. I'm so glad things went well. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery!

  2. Glad it all went well, but the touch and go overtime surgery is hard on folks waiting for it to be over..... I thought about it during the day and hoped all was well....

  3. Very good news. It's amazing how the new less invasive procedures help the healing.

  4. We are so glad that Linda's surgery went well and that she is on the road to recovery.

  5. We're so glad the surgery went well and Linda is in good spirits. Prayers continue for good results and a quick recovery.