Friday, October 18, 2013

Guess Who's Coming To Lunch? and An Accident

DeBary, FL.

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Wednesday, Jim called Mike to let him know how Linda was doing and to ask about Dillon. Guess what he found out? Mike told Jim that Dillon evidently didn't have Chickenpox because all the spots were gone and his fever was also down to normal.

Wow!!! That means that Mike and his family can stop by here Saturday on the way back up to North Carolina!!!!

Of course, with 3 children, things can happen, but it sure looks like this is doable. ;-)

So, the plan is for Mike, Gina, Susan, (Gina's Mother), and the kids to stop by here around noon on Saturday for lunch, and then continue their trip from here after seeing the house and visiting for awhile.

The house is still in pretty good shape, so a little straightening up a quick dusting and a vacuuming of the floors is really all that will be needed.

Today, there's nothing planned except to get the house ready and go to Winn Dixie to pick up a few items for lunch tomorrow. I kind of doubt if Linda will go along to the grocery store since she's still quite sore from the exam the other day.

Oh, one more thing.

Jim got an e-mail from Bev. You long time readers will remember that Bev is Denny's wife,.(part of the Illinois Bunch), She said that Denny had had an accident with his Gold Wing Motorcycle. Denny is OK with just some soreness and road rash, but Denise his adult daughter who was riding with him, did not fare so well. She's in the hospital with 7 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, 7 stitches in her elbow and quite a bit of road rash. Bev said that while they were going around a curve the bike hit some wet pavement and went down, sending them and the bike into a guard rail.

Denny feels really bad that Denise got hurt, but it could have been worse. Thankfully they were wearing helmets, (Denise's was destroyed), and were dressed properly.

Our thoughts and prayers are heading their way and we're hoping for a speedy recovery for Denise.

Did you know that today is "National Chocolate Cupcake Day"?


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