Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Time Is Near and An Emotional Rollercoaster

DeBary, FL.

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The time is near. By 5:15 AM tomorrow, Linda will be at  the Halifax Hospital, getting prepped  for surgery. I don't know exactly what time her surgery is scheduled for, but I do know that Dr. Molpus has the surgery room reserved for 4 hours. That doesn't mean that the operation will take 4 hours, but the room is available in case it should take that long.

This last week has been an emotional rollercoaster. There were times when things were going along just fine and then something would happen and it seemed like a major crisis. :-(  Most things were not really that big of a deal, but seemed immense at the time.

One of the more major things that happened was that CLT's battery decided to die. Friday evening, Jim and Linda were going out to eat and when Jim tried to start CLT's engine, the starter wouldn't turn the engine over enough to start.

So, yesterday morning, Jim got out his little battery charger and hooked it up to the battery. While he was waiting for it to possibly charge up the battery enough to get CLT started, Ray, from across the street, saw that Jim was having problems and brought his larger charger, (with a boost feature), over and in no time, CLT's engine was running. :-)

After thanking Ray for helping, Jim took CLT and went to Auto Zone, where they checked the battery. It was bad, and since it was an Auto Zone battery and had a little bit of warranty left, Jim purchased a new one. One nice thing about going to Auto Zone is that when you go there for charging/battery problems, they will test the whole system and then, if you purchase a battery, they install it for you at no additional charge. :-)

Now, this whole thing turned out to be something that was fairly easily taken care of, but Friday evening it seemed huge!!

Today, Linda has to drink about a gallon of stuff to get her insides cleaned out. She's not looking forward to that at all, but I think Laura will be coming over to be with her. She can't eat anything solid all day and after midnight, she can't even drink anything. Then tomorrow morning, Linda and Jim will have to leave here about 4:30 to get to the hospital by 5:15. :-(

Laura will be at the hospital with Jim, so they'll have each other for company while they wait. :-)

Oh, Jim was fooling around with the clock yesterday to make sure the alarm worked. He said that he can't remember the last time he set the alarm.

I don't know when I'll be posting next, but I'll let you know how the surgery went as soon as I can.

 Did you know that in 2012,  about 1,638,910 new cancer cases were diagnosed?


Thanks Ray!!!!


  1. Prayers with Linda and Jim tomorrow morning. God is in control!

  2. We'll be thinking of you tomorrow and sending positive thoughts.

  3. We imagine emotions are running pretty high right now so any minor problem can seem like a huge crisis. Hang in there, and know that we're thinking about you guys.

  4. Praying that all things work out well for you guys tomorrow.... Having gone thru cancer surgery myself, I am well aware of the tension and trauma that goes along with the experience... Just know that our health care system is well advanced over what it has been, and that all should be in good hands.... Rod