Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tests And Procedures and Company Coming?

DeBary, FL.

63 deg. clear, no wind.
Forecast = Clear in the morning, then partly cloudy. High of 86F. Winds from the North at 5 to 10 mph.

Tuesday, Laura swung by and picked up Linda and took her over to the Halifax Medical Center in Daytona Beach for her chest x-ray, EKG and blood test. It took all afternoon and they didn't get back here until dinner time.

Linda said that the tests weren't too bad, but the waiting between them was not much fun.

On the way back, they stopped and picked up a couple burgers from Burger King so that Linda and Jim would have something to eat with out a bunch of preparation.

While Linda and Laura were gone, Jim took CLT and headed over to the storage yard to check on Bobbie T.  I feel kind of sorry for her. It was so crazy when we came down here that she was just parked over in the storage area without being cleaned up inside or out. CLT says that she still has some bug spatters on the front of her and I know that nothing inside was cleaned.   She seems to be doing fine though and Jim spent a couple of hours over there, exercising the generator and doing some cleaning inside of her.

Hopefully Jim will be able to get back over there soon and do more cleaning.

Yesterday, Linda did some laundry and Jim tried to stay busy by doing some re-organizing out in the shop/storage shed.

Today, Linda has to go to the Florida Hospital in Orange City for that PET Scan. Her appointment is for 10:15, but was asked to be there by 9:45, (probably to fill out paperwork). Other than that, I don't think there are any other plans.

Oh, we may be getting company! Jim and Linda's son Mike, Gina and the kids may be stopping by this weekend. They're heading down to the "attractions" (Disney World etc.) in Orlando for a vacation and when Jim last talked to Mike, he said that they'd like to stop by to see Linda and Jim and see the house.

I hope they can, since we couldn't make it to their place in North Carolina this fall.

A Point to Ponder: Success always occurs in private, and failure in full view.


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