Thursday, August 8, 2013

River Falls, WI to Baraboo, WI.

As I write this, we're in Utica, IL at a Passport America park. Because of no Internet signal when we were at the CG near Baraboo, WI. these next 3 post will be catch-up post that were written on a word processor and then copied here to the blog. There may be more than 1 post a day until I can get caught up.

Baraboo, WI.  Tuesday, August 6, 2013

65 Deg. overcast, no wind.
Forecast = High temp. 83 deg. becoming sunny this afternoon.

We left River Falls about 9:50 Monday morning. It rained overnight, but by the time we were leaving, it had stopped. Jim was going to dump Bobbie T’s tanks, but when we were ready to leave there was a MH at the dump station and there was a travel trailer waiting, so we just drove on by and pulled out onto the road.

We weren’t really in a big hurry because Jim had called the CG that he wanted to stay at and made a reservation a little before we left, but he hates sitting in line at a dump station while some people just take their time. (That MH had already been at the dump station for at least 20 minutes and it didn’t look like he was anywhere near ready to leave.) 

The reason that he called the CG was that he knew that at this time of the year, many of the parks fill up in the Wisconsin Dells area, and he wanted to be sure to have a site. Come to find out, the lady at the CG told him that she only had 2 sites left, so it was good that he called.

Anyway, once back on Rt. 65 we headed SE on it until we came to Ellsworth, WI. There we pulled into a gas station and bought Bobbie T a drink of 87 octane before turning East on US 10.  10 started out OK but soon became quite rough and stayed that way about ½ the way to Osseo, WI., where we turned SE on I-94. 94 then brought us down to the South side of the “Dells” area and to US 12, where we turned South. Just a few miles south of the Interstate, we turned East on N. Reedsburg Rd. which brought us to the Fox Hill RV Park and CG.

Even with stopping for Bobbie T’s drink and a pit stop along the way, it was just 1:45 when we pulled up in front of the office, so we had traveled 192 miles in 3 hours and 55 minutes.

The Fox Hill CG seems like a pretty nice park. It’s not the type of park we’d normally stay at, but when you’re in a tourist area, you take what you can get. It is a Passport America Park though, so at least we’re staying here at a fairly reasonable rate of $26.11 per night.
The enterance.

The office with all the pedal go cart rentals sitting out front.

My site #G-6, Not too level but had some shade

The park seems well maintained and the sites are fairly large. As you've probably surmised by now though, we don’t have an AT&T data signal, and the free wi-fi here in the park is horrible!!!

So, until we get someplace where there’s a signal, I’ll continue to write these posts on the word processor and then post them when I can.

For dinner last night, neither Jim or Linda felt like cooking, so they took CLT and headed into town and to a Culver’s Restaurant.

Today the plan is to head to some of the places I talked about in my last post. One place that they’ll surely go, (that I forgot to mention), is the Baraboo Candy Company, where Linda can purchase some sugar free  candy.  Then, I think they’re planning on going to the produce stand and the Grocery store.

We’ll be staying here for 2 more nights before continuing South to Illinois, so they have a couple of days to do the things they want to do.

Did you know that August 6th is "National Root Beer Float Day"?


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  1. Will Jim get some Cow Pies at the candy store? ;)