Monday, August 5, 2013

A Good Stay In River Falls and Why "The Dells"?

River Falls, WI.

59 deg. overcast, light rain.
Forecast = Overcast with thunderstorms, High of 84F. Winds from the SW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 70%.

We've had a good stay here in River Falls. Being that it was the weekend, there was very little construction going on next door to Hoffman Park, so it was fairly quiet. Jim and Linda have been able to spend some time with Glenn, Jeanette and their family, and yesterday evening, Glenn and Jeanette bought dinner for Jim and Linda at the local Perkins Restaurant.

Thanks guys!!!! :-)

They were gone quite awhile, so I think they probably spent more time talking than they did eating. ;-)

As they were leaving the restaurant, Jim snapped this photo of them.

Today, we'll be heading for the Wisconsin Dells area. I've been watching the radar and it looks like there may be a break in the weather later on, so that Jim can get Bobbie T pulled out of this site and get CLT hooked up to the back of her without getting soaked.

So, why are we going to "The Dells", you ask?  Well Jim and Linda won't be going on any of the rides or going into any of those souvenir shops, but there's a great cheese shop that Jim and Linda have been going to every time we get up to this area, and they'll want to go there. In the past, there's always been  a farm stand down near Baraboo, where this farmer and his wife sell great produce. There's a grocery store in Baraboo that sells a kind of coffee that Jim really likes, and there's a great flag and banner store out in Reedsburg that Jim wouldn't mind going to if they have time.

Besides that, if you know the area, there's some very scenic drives along the Wisconsin River in the Dells / Portage area, and, it always fun to drive through the Dells downtown tourist area and see all the people swarming through the shops, buying fudge and trinkets to take back home with them. ;-)

And, on top of that, if you've been coming here for as long as Jim and Linda have, (Jim's been coming up to the Dells since way back in the early 60's), you get to know where the good restaurants in the area are, where you're not surrounded by a bunch of screaming kids or unruly adults.

What Jim and Linda actually do while we're in the area will depend a lot on the weather. The forecast is for t-storms and rain both today and tomorrow, so we'll have to see what happens.  

Did you know that Wisconsin produces more milk than any other state?


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