Friday, May 24, 2013

Brrrrr!!! It's Cold and Getting Ready For The Holiday

Rantoul, IL.

38 deg. clear, no wind.
Forecast = Today: Sunny. Highs around 64°F. North wind to 10 MPH.
Tonight: Mostly clear. Lows around 43°F. Northeast wind to 7 MPH.

Brrrrrr!!!!!!! I'm sure glad that I've got my little red shirt on!!!! I'd be freezing if I didn't, 38 degrees is just too cold for late May day in central Illinois!!!!

One good thing about it, though, is that as this cold front came through, it pushed the windy conditions away that we've been having. ; )

RVs are already starting to filter into the park here in Rantoul. I don't know just how many, but I would guess somewhere between 5 and 10 came into the CG yesterday and I'm sure there will be many more today. And, by the end of the day tomorrow, it should be completely full.

Speaking of Holidays, I think that it was the first year that we were full-timing that Jim and Linda realized that for major holidays, you had better get into a CG or RV park early, and then just hunker down. I don't remember for sure which holiday it was, ( I think it might have been our first 4th of July as full-timers), that we ended up driving for miles trying to find a CG that had a vacant space. There wasn't good cell phone signals way back then, so we couldn't call ahead easily, but we finally found a CG. It was less than desirable though, with lots of noisy people and a jillion kids running through the sites. : (

There will probably be quite a few kids here at this park this weekend and lots of people celebrating the holiday, but from past experience, Louise and Paul won't let any of them get out of hand. I've seen many the time when Paul or Louise has gone over and had a "talk" with a group that was getting too rowdy or their kids weren't behaving.

Yesterday evening, Jim and Linda took CLT and went to the China Express Restaurant here in Rantoul. They have a very good buffet or you can order off of a menu.

Don't know what's happening today. They're forecasting a cool but very nice day, so I'm sure Jim will be out and about for a change. As for me, I'm looking forward to watching all the RVs coming into the CG. It's always interesting to watch people set up their RVs and campsite.

Well, I'd better go. I've got to remind Jim to put his American flags back out. He brought them in the other day because of the strong winds.  ; )

Did you know that Memorial Day was first called “Decoration Day” because of the practice of decorating soldier’s graves with flowers?


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  1. Thanks to reading blogs like yours and others, we plan ahead for the big holidays too. I don't mind sharing with the weekend warriors as long as I still have a comfortable place to be.