Saturday, May 25, 2013

How Small Is Your Awning?

Rantoul, IL.

54 deg. overcast, E. wind @ 8 mph.

Forecast = Today: Mostly cloudy with scattered storms. Highs around 68°F. East southeast wind to 11 MPH. Chance of precipitation near 60%.
Tonight: Mostly cloudy with thunderstorms likely. Lows around 57°F. East southeast wind to 11 MPH.

Friday, many RVs came into the Prairie Pines CG. In fact most of the sites were full by the evening. Then, yesterday morning, even more rolled in and by about noon, there were only a few sites left.

There were mostly grown-ups, but some teen agers, and quite a few little kids. Everything went smoothly until about 2:30 yesterday afternoon, when it started raining. Oh, there weren't any storms or even much wind, just a slow steady rain, but it rained hard enough that you definitely wouldn't have wanted to be out in it.

This is when the folks who thought they had a big awning on their RVs, found out just how small they really were! ; )

You see, most of the RVers that are here came as groups. They have friends or family that they had made plans with, to spend the holiday together. Well, for most couples and maybe a kid or two, most awnings are big enough. But,  ,  ,  ,  ,  if you try to get multiple families together under an average sized awning, you soon learn how small it really is!!

Such was the case yesterday. Shortly after the rain started, I couldn't even count how many groups I saw trying to huddle under awnings. A few groups even went to a different RV because that awning was a little larger, but in the end, most ended up going inside their own RVs to wait out the rain. : (

Long ago, Jim and Linda learned how small a large looking awning really was. Especially if it's raining hard or the wind is blowing at all, the space just keeps getting smaller and smaller, and pretty soon, even 2 people under 1 large awning are forced to go inside. : (

You'd think that as large as some of these awning are, most of the area under them would stay dry, but the wind and the splatter just keep making the dry area smaller.

So, if you're thinking that even if it rains, you'll have a nice dry space under the awning to entertain, or whatever, you just may have to reconsider. Sometimes, it's OK, and it's great to sit out there and watch the rain and listen to it on the awning, but don't be surprised if that awning gets awfully small after just a short time.

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