Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dinner With Mike And Dillon and Towing Lights

Moncure, NC.

51 deg., cloudy, NE wind @ 9 mph.
Forecast = Today: Mostly cloudy. Highs around 66°F. East northeast wind to 15 MPH, gusting to 24 MPH.
Tonight: Mostly cloudy with slight chance of light drizzle. Lows around 52°F. East northeast wind to 13 MPH, gusting to 23 MPH.

Brenna decided to go along to Savanna's dance lessons with Savanna and Gina, so she didn't come to the  Chili's Restaurant with Mike and Dillon at about 5:00 PM Thursday evening. It was OK though as the 4 of them still had a good time eating and visiting.

After eating and saying their good-bye's, Jim and Linda headed back here and Mike and Dillon headed home.

Yesterday, Jim and Linda decided that it was time to get some groceries, so they headed over to Pittsboro to go to the Food Lion Grocery Store. On the way, they stopped at an Advance Auto Parts Store where Jim bought some of those magnetic lights that you put on a vehicle or trailer that you're towing. If your remember, when we were in Virginia Beach and Jim was working on the lights on the back of CLT, he found that there were major wiring  problems back there. Well, instead of trying to straighten that mess out, he decided to try some of magnetic lights that some RVers use.

From the Auto Parts store, they headed to Food Lion where they bought a bunch of groceries. Then, when they returned here to the CG, the challenge was to find a place for all the stuff that they had bought. ; )

Because the weather was nice yesterday, (high temperatures right around 79 deg.), after the groceries were put away, Jim decided to tackle figuring out how was the best way to route the wires for the new magnetic lights. It took a little time because he had to splice in a section of wire one place and do a little re-routing of the connector on the back of Bobbie T, but everything went pretty smoothly and soon everything was working. : )

After finishing that project, Jim dumped Bobbie T's tanks before coming inside and taking a nap. ; )

Being that Mike and Gina were busy for the evening, Linda cooked some sweet corn and heated up a beef and gravy entree that they had purchased at the store.

Today, Mike will be calling and then plans will be made for the day.

Did you know that the offspring of two sets of identical twins are legally cousins but genetically siblings?


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  1. On our CRV I put in extra bulbs in the tail light housing. Those are wired to the coach.. This makes the lights completely independent from the car's wiring..

    No more problems after that!