Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

DeBary, FL.

70 deg. clear, no wind.
Forecast =  Partly cloudy with isolated storms. Highs around 90°F. Heat index around 95°F. East northeast wind 4 to 13 MPH, gusting to 18 MPH. Chance of precipitation near 20%.

Jim and Linda did get that Laundry done on Friday morning and then around 11:00 they headed over to the 4 B's Restaurant for breakfast. On the way back they stopped by Winn Dixie and picked up a few things that they were out of. Then, in the afternoon, they headed over to the Chemo place where Linda received the injection to help her bones produce the white blood cells that her body looses when she gets the Chemo treatments.

Saturday, not a whole lot happened. Linda wasn't feeling especially well, and by afternoon, the injection side effects started. (Or at least that's what they thought they were). :-(

By Saturday evening, Linda wasn't feeling well at all and only ate a little bit for dinner. Then as the evening progressed, she started feeling even worse and by about 10:00 PM, she was in the bathroom, sick to her stomach!! This lasted all through the night and all day Sunday and into the evening, when it finally stopped.

What caused this?  Well, we really don't know. She's never had a side effect anything like this from the injection and she and Jim had basically the same food at the restaurant and here at home so it remains a mystery.

Anyway, between the fatigue from the Chemo and the fatigue from being sick for so long, she ended up being really weak and Jim ended up helping her in and out of the bathroom for the best part of the night and almost all day on Sunday.

Not really how either one of them envisioned Father's Day. :-(  

Yesterday morning, Linda was able to keep a little food down and was able make her way into the living room so that she could sit in her recliner. Then in the afternoon Laura and Ashley stopped by and stayed for a couple hours. There really wasn't much Laura could do, but Linda felt better having her and Ashley here.

As of this morning, she seems to be feeling better, but of course is still very weak and is having a lot of problems with dizziness. Besides being dizzy from the chemo, she's probably dehydrated also, so today, she'll need to try to drink lots of liquids.

So, life goes on. Two steps forward and One step back. But, Linda is done with all of the treatments and now the process of recovering from all the treatments and their side effects begins. I'm sure there'll be some setbacks, but she should eventually, (they say that full recovery from the treatments Linda had may take a full year or more), recover completely.

Did you know that Paul McCartney dreamed the melody of "Yesterday" one night and immediately wrote the music the next morning? He then looked around for a month to make sure that he didn't subconsciously plagiarize it from somebody else.


  1. So sorry Linda was feeling poorly. I'm glad that her treatments are finally over, and her recovery will get better day by day.