Friday, June 6, 2014

Good Doctor's Report and Exciting Plans

DeBary, FL.
Highbanks Marina and CampResort

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Yesterday morning, Jim woke Linda up at what she calls, "The crack of dawn", so that they could get to Linda's Dr. appointment with Dr. Saferali at 8:00 AM!! :-) By 7:45 they were out of the door and Big RED was taking them over there.

Linda had the normal blood test and then she and Jim sat and waited for the test results and to talk to the Dr.  When Dr. Saferali came into the room, she checked a few things and then told Linda and Jim that the test results looked good and that she was very pleased with how Linda was doing. :-)

After asking Linda some questions about how she was feeling, the subject of Linda's last Chemo treatment, next Thursday, came up. Both Jim and Linda asked her if she had any idea how long it would be after the final treatment that she thought they would be able to make plans to head up to Illinois to see doctors, take care of business and see family and friends up there?

She brought up a calendar on her computer and said that she thought that Linda and Jim should be able to travel, (If Linda was up for it), shortly after the 4th of July!!!!!!!!!! :-)  :-)  ;-)

Wow!!!! I really didn't expect that!!!!!  I was hoping for sometime in August!!!!!

So,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  , after stopping at the house and picking up a few things to bring out here to the trailer, stopping by the CG office to pay for another month and getting things brought inside, Jim got out his computer, the calendar and his big eraser and went to work!! ;-)

If, (and there's that "If" again), everything goes well and Linda doesn't get any more serious or different side effects from her last treatment, and "If" her blood counts don't do anything strange, it looks like we'd be leaving DeBary around the 12th to the 14th of July. (The rent for the site here at Highbanks runs out on the 14th). We'll take our time, with short days at first, to see how well Linda is able to travel, and even stay more than 1 night in a few campgrounds along the way so that she can rest up if necessary.

It's about 1,150 miles up there and by Jim calculations, (along with the help of "Trip Planner") we should be getting to Rantoul about 10 days later on about the 21st, 22nd or 23, of July!! ;-)

Oh, and one more thing. Dr. Saferali is setting up an appointment with Dr. Ogle to have the "port" removed before we leave too. (Linda has hated that thing since it was put in).

So, that's the new plan. Dr. Saferali doesn't see any problems and everything has already been cleared with Dr. Graham, (the radiation doctor), so unless something really out of the ordinary happens, we'll be on our way by, at least, the 14th of July!!! :-)

To celebrate, Jim and Linda took Big RED and headed over to Gram's Kitchen for dinner. ;-)

Did you know that on D-Day, it is estimated that nearly 2 million soldiers, sailors and airmen were involved in Operation Overlord, including U.S., British, and Canadians who were scheduled to fight after men on the ground secured a Normandy bridgehead?



  1. Yay, yay, and triple yay!! I'm sure you all are ready for some travel days :)

  2. Travel does a body and soul good!

  3. Got the calender out getting ready! How does site 23 sound. Can't wait!