Monday, May 26, 2014

Spare Tires, More Chemo, A Close Shave and Remember Those Who Served

DeBary, FL.

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By 8:45 Thursday morning, Big RED had taken Linda and Jim over to the Chemo Therapy place and soon after, they had taken Linda into the treatment room and Big RED and Jim were on their way back here to the house.

I don't think I mentioned it, but when we were at the trailer last week, Jim decided that it would be a good idea to check the tires on the trailer. Well, can you imagine his surprise when he removed the cover off of the spare tire and found out that it was the wrong size??? Not only was it the wrong size, but it was a 14 inch tire instead of a 15 inch tire, but the wheel had only 5 lugs instead of the 6 lugs that the trailer has!!!!

So, even in an emergency, there would be absolutely no way to mount the wheel on the trailer!!!!

Anyway, after having another cup of coffee, Jim took Big RED and headed over to Highbanks to get the spare off of the trailer. From there they went to LaMesa RV where Jim talked to Shane, (the service adviser). After checking, Shane said that it would not be a problem and he had the parts person order and new spare tire and wheel for the trailer. When Jim asked, she told him that they should receive it in about 2 weeks.

It sure is a good thing that we're not traveling right now. I don't know how we'd get the new tire and wheel if we were on the road.

On the way back from LaMesa, Jim stopped by at the 4 B's Restaurant for breakfast before coming back here to the house.

It was around 3:00 when Linda called from the chemo place to have Jim come and pick her up.

Friday, not much went on around here until around 3:30 when Linda and Jim headed over to the Chemo place to get her injection. After finishing there, they went over to Steak & Shake and had a couple of burgers for dinner.

By Saturday, Linda's bones were starting to ache from that injection so other than helping Jim do a couple loads of laundry and visiting with Laura when she stopped by for awhile, not much else was accomplished.

Yesterday morning, Ashley, Anna and Laura stopped by for awhile. Ashley has a new sewing machine and is wanting to learn how to use it, so Linda is going to help her. They're planning on making a blouse or something for Ashley so the first step was to measure Ashley so that they can get a pattern one of these days.

Another reason for Ashley coming was to shave Linda's head again. You see, Linda's hair had started to grow back and it was probably about an inch and a half to 2 inches long, but since she is getting the chemo treatments again, the hair has started to fall out once more. :-(

Thanks Ashley!!! ;-)

After Laura, Ashley and Anna left, Jim and Linda watched the Indy 500 race on TV, took naps and then watched most of the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 race, after that.

I guess that pretty well brings this blog up-to-date. Linda's getting many of the Chemo side effects back again, but there's only 1 more Chemo Treatment to go!!! It'll be on June 12th, (Laura's Birthday), and then after the injection on the 13th, all of the treatments for the cancer should be completed!! :-) Then, it will be time for the recovery process to begin.

Please take some time today to remember the true meaning of Memorial Day. So many gave so much so that we could be free.

“Your silent tents of green
We deck with fragrant flowers;
Yours has the suffering been,
The memory shall be ours.”
–Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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