Friday, May 16, 2014

A Good Doctor's Report and A Plan

DeBary, FL.

63 deg. clear, no wind.
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Linda's doctor appointment with Dr. Saferali was at 8:00 yesterday morning, so Linda had to get up very early in order to get ready to go. :-(  But, by a little before 8:00, Big RED had taken Linda and Jim  over to the Chemo place and soon after, Linda was getting her blood test and was meeting with the doctor. 

The new tests showed that her white and red counts had now returned to close to normal and the other tests done to the blood were now with-in specs. :-)  Also, the rash that Linda had is just about gone and the itching has almost stopped. The doctor was pleased with the results and told Linda that now she didn't have to worry so much about catching something if she went out in public.

So, when Linda and Jim left the doctor's office, Big RED took them over to the 4 B's Restaurant for Breakfast!!! ;-)

Not a whole lot happened the rest of the day. Linda was tired, (remember, she had to get up "before the crack of dawn), so she slept in her recliner for some of the afternoon. Laura stopped by for awhile to visit and find out how Linda's doctor's appointment went and Jim and Linda started making plans to go over to the new trailer at Highbanks for awhile again. In fact, we're probably going to head over to Highbanks either today, or tomorrow, depending on when they can get things together to take over there.

And that, brings up another problem.

Jim and Linda are finding that to go over to the trailer to spend a few days, they're having to take quite a bit of "stuff" back and forth. This makes it difficult to just go over there for a few days. They've started making a list of what they need to take with them and what to bring back here when they return, but there's always something that gets forgotten.  It's also a pain to lug all that "stuff" back and forth and put it all away, especially if Linda doesn't happen to be feeling too well, or is fighting a lot of fatigue.

They don't really want to buy doubles of everything, but they'll probably be purchasing some things to make the back and forth moves a little easier.

So, if everything goes well, my next post should be from the trailer. I like it over there and it gives Linda and Jim a chance to get away for awhile. ;-)

Did you know that today is "National Sea Monkey Day"?


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