Friday, May 30, 2014

Side Effects, Back To Highbanks? and What's Next?

DeBary, FL.

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By Tuesday, Linda's bones were really aching from that injection that she received on Friday. Normally, the ache starts on the Saturday or Sunday after the injection, but for some reason it was delayed this time. She has also had extreme fatigue and although she doesn't have that rash anymore, she says that at times, it feels like her skin is burning. :-(  

It's not all bad news though. She has been able to sleep pretty well and when Big RED took her and Jim to the Chemo Doctor's office yesterday morning, all her blood counts were with-in the normal range. Also, by yesterday evening, it seemed like she was feeling a little better and I heard her ask Jim if he'd like to go back to Highbanks to stay in the trailer for awhile, pretty soon?  :-)

So, what's happening next? Well, depending on how Linda is feeling, we may end up over at Highbanks in a few days. Linda has another chemo doctor's appointment this next Thursday for another blood test and then she'll have her last Chemo Treatment on the 12th of June and her last injection on the 13th. After that, she'll have follow-up appointments with the Chemo doctor for at least 2 weeks.

Once the Chemo Dr. releases her, (we have no idea when that will be and it could be quite awhile), we will be outta here and on our way back North to Illinois. Jim already has a trip plan for the trip up North and the trailer is pretty well stocked up, so it wouldn't take us long to get going.

Of course all these plans are in pencil and Jim still has that big eraser. Ever since Linda was diagnosed and we came down here last August, we have not been able to make any real plans, and it's still that way. That has actually been one of the toughest things about this whole process, (the uncertainty of it all). I'm hoping that by next spring Jim and Linda will be able to make more concrete plans and we'll be able to get back to more normal, (for us), ;-) living.

Did you know that on this date in 1854 - The U.S. territories of Nebraska and Kansas were established?


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  1. I hope that Linda's ordeal will be over very soon!