Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jim Goes Shopping And Brigns Home A New Toy

DeBary, FL.

73 deg. clear, no wind.
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Jim took Big RED and headed out to do some shopping yesterday. One of the items he went looking for was one of those little benches that you put in the tub or shower to sit on. He found one at Walgreen's.

From Walgreen's, he headed over to Lowe's, (with a stop at the gas station to get Big RED a drink of #2 diesel. There, he picked up a flex downspout extension to go on a downspout at the rear of the house so the water will be directed away from the house. As he was walking towards the register to check out, he noticed that 2 Lowe's employees were putting some merchandise out on a clearance table. One of those items was a "Dremel" type rotary took kit. Being that Jim's Dremel had died a year or so ago, he decided to buy this one.

It's kind of neat. Of course it has the rotary tool with accessories, but it also has 4 different small pliers, 6 small screwdrivers and 2 "Exacto" type knives with extra blades.

From Lowe's, Jim headed over to Bed Bath & Beyond to check out a "music center" that he had seen when he was there the last time. He and Linda had been considering buying one of these for a long time, but just hadn't done it.

For those of you that may be interested, it's called a Wooden Music Center, is made by Innovative Technology and it's model# ITVS-750.

It has an AM-FM radio, a 3 speed phonograph player, a cassette player and a CD player/recorder, all in a nice wooden case.

You can use the CD recorder to record from either the phonograph or the cassette player. This allows you to transfer all those old vinyl records and cassettes to  CDs. (Jim and Linda don't have any records anymore, but they do have a whole bunch of cassettes).

Jim hasn't tried recording anything yet, but he and Linda were listening to the radio and some of those old cassettes and a few CD's yesterday afternoon.  ;-) It's pretty large, so they won't be taking it along in the RV, but it should work out well when we're here at the house.

Linda still has her rash but it doesn't seem to itching her so much. I think the dizzy spells have gotten a little better, but she is very fatigued. Tomorrow she has an appointment with the chemo doctor, so we'll see what she has to say then.

Did you know that in fall of 1877 Thomas A. Eddison invented the record player?



  1. What a great music player! For those of us who've had all forms of music, this would have been handy.

  2. Oh boy, lots of new toys! That Dremel kit looks like a nice one, and it's always good to have music!