Sunday, June 30, 2013

Last day of June

Rantoul, IL.

63 deg. overcast, N. wind @ 4 mph.
Forecast = Partly cloudy, high temp. 77 deg. NNE winds @ 20 to 30 mph. 30% chance of rain.

Hmmm!!! It's the last day of June already. It's amazing how fast the time goes sometimes.

We've had a lot of rain the last 2 days, so not much has gotten done outside around here. The CG wi-fi is still out after it got hit by lightning this last Tuesday. They were supposed to have repaired it, but it still doesn't work. You can now get a signal from it, but it won't let you log on. : (

Quite a few RVs came in this weekend. There's a car show in the area and some of them are here for that. In fact, a few had large trailers behind their RVs when they first pulled in, that I presume either had cars in them or vendor items for the show.

Jim hasn't talked to Louise or Paul much because of the weather, but I would imagine that Louise is busy getting everything ready for the 4th of July Holiday. If this 4th is like ones in the past, this CG is pretty much booked up already.

Speaking of Holiday weekends, I hope all of you RVers out there have already made plans/reservations for the 4th. If not, do it right away. I can remember one of the first years that we were full-timing when Jim and Linda didn't make reservations for a major holiday, and we spent almost an entire day trying to find an RV park that had a vacancy! We finally found a site, but it was just pure luck that someone had cancelled their reservations at the last minute.

Jim has been working on the trip up into Michigan and Wisconsin, after Bobbie T gets repaired. He's penciled a few things in on the calendar, but they're written very lightly, so I won't even mention them yet. To be honest, until Bobbie T gets her repairs done and gets her new levelers installed, we won't know exactly when we'll actually be heading North from the Northern Indiana/Southern Michigan area. If there's any kind of glitch with any of that, it could cause changes in the rest of the trip.

I do know that Jim has made reservations for us at that RV Park on the North end of  Lake Michigan, beginning on the 20th of July, so we definitely need to try to be up there by that time.

I really don't like reservations at all, because they really tie you to a schedule, and I'm glad that Jim and Linda don't either, but sometimes you just gotta make them to make sure you have a site.

Did you know that in 1778, General George Washington marked July 4 with a double ration of rum for his soldiers and an artillery salute?


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