Friday, June 21, 2013

Catching Up On The Trip To Kankakee

Rantoul, IL.

66 deg. clear, no wind.
Forecast = High temp. 91 deg. clear, S. wind @ 10 to 15 mph.

We're back from our little jaunt up to Kankakee. We didn't have an Internet signal that was unusable at the State Park up there, so today, I'll try to get you caught up.

Monday, after dumping the tanks and getting a few last minute things done, we pulled out of the Prairie Pines CG about 10:20 and headed North on US 45. 45 parallels I-57 and was a major highway back before Interstate Highways. We followed 45 up to Ashkum where detour signs directed us over to I-57. 57 then brought us up and around Kankakee and to IL Rt. 50. Rt. 50 took us South to Armor Rd, which took us west to IL Rt. 102, which took us along the Kankakee River and to the Kankakee River State Park.

It was 12:05 and we had traveled 76 miles when we pulled into the Potawatomi Campground section. Then, after registering, we drove to the Oak loop section where Jim backed Bobbie T into site #6.

Site #6 was nice and level, had 50 amp electric, some shade, and like all the sites, a picnic table and a fire ring.

To be honest, neither Jim or Linda really cared too much what the site was like because they knew that they weren't going to be spending much time there, as this trip was to take care of some business and to visit with  family and friends. 

Tuesday morning, Jim and Linda took CLT and headed to Wilmington, IL, where they had a meeting with their financial advisor. After discussing some options and making a few small changes to their investments, they drove over to the Chick A Dee Restaurant and had breakfast for lunch. 

After lunch, they drove to Peotone, Il, (the town where Jim and Linda used to live), and went to the cemetery, East of town, where Jim's parents are buried as well as many of his ancestors. 

After spending almost 2 hours, driving/walking around in the cemetery and finding and taking photos of almost all of the graves, they headed over to Denny and Bev's house in town. 

As many of you know, Denny and Bev are 1/3 of the "Illinois Bunch" that Jim and Linda usually go to visit in Tampa, FL every winter, and, who usually come here to the Prairie Pines CG in Rantoul, when we're here in the summer. 

Jim and Denny lived about a block apart when they were kids, so have been friends for many, many years. They always seem to enjoy each other's company and always enjoy visiting. 

Bev ordered a Pizza for dinner and after eating, visiting some more and h and h, (hugs and handshakes), Jim and Linda returned to the State Park. 

Wednesday Jim and Linda took CLT and headed to Monee, IL to see Jim's cousin, Adeline. She lost her husband a couple years ago, and really enjoys seeing, "Jimmy" and Linda. ; ) After having lunch with Adeline and visiting for awhile, they headed over to Momence, IL. to visit with Barb. 

Barb is a long time friend of both Jim and Linda's. She lived down in Florida for awhile, and some of you long time readers may remember Jim and Linda going to visit her at her house down there. After visiting for awhile, they all took Barb's car and headed to a family style restaurant in Momence and enjoyed a nice dinner and more visiting. 

After eating, there were more hugs and then Jim and Linda came back to the State Park. 

Yesterday morning, we left the Kankakee State Park about 10:00, retraced our route to I-57 and then brought 57 all the way down here to Rantoul. When we got into Rantoul, Jim pulled Bobbie T into a Casey's Gas Station and filled her up with 87 octane before returning here to Prairie Pines. 

It was 11:55 when we pulled back into site #7 and we had traveled 77 miles. and stopped for gas. 

All in all, it was a very good trip. Everything was accomplished that Jim and Linda wanted to do, and they got to see and visit with some very good friends and family. 

Did you know that Martha Washington was born on this date in 1731?


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