Friday, May 15, 2015

Final Plans Made To See Roland And Louise Before Rally

Moncure, NC

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As most of you know, we're heading to an RV-Dreams Reunion Rally in Marion, NC. But, before we go there, we've been planning on stopping  by Roland and Louise's place in Forest City, NC. Well, yesterday Jim called Roland and final plans were made to head there on Monday and stay until Friday morning, when we'll head up to the Rally, which is just a little North of Roland and Louise's house.

Jim and Linda are excited about seeing Roland and Louise again. They only got to see them a little this past winter, down in Florida, so are looking forward to spending some quality time with them now.

The past days have been spent just doing normal things during the days and then going to Mike and Gina's in the evenings. There have been a few evenings when they've had other things to do, and it sounds like Saturday is all tied up for them, but we're hoping that Sunday, they can either come out here again or we can spend some time with them at their house.

Yesterday, Jim and Linda took Big RED and went to a Target Store and purchased some items for an embroidery project that Linda has planned. Today, they need to head up to Pittsboro to go to a Walgreen's to get a couple prescriptions refilled and then to a grocery store to buy a few items that they're out of. Then, this evening they'll go to Mike's for dinner and more visiting.

Did you know that today is "National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day?"

Yum!! Yum!!


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  1. Looking forward to hearing how the RV-Dreams Reunion Rally went...