Saturday, May 23, 2015

Forest City, NC To Marion, NC and Arriving At The Rally

Marion, NC.

48 deg. partly cloudy, no wind.

Forecast = sunshine. High 82F. Winds light and variable.

After getting ready, hooking up Nora to Big RED, more visiting and hugs, we left Forest City about 10:25 and headed West in US 74A for a few miles until we came to US 221. then it was just a matter of following 221 North until we came to US 70, just North of Marion. Following 70 SW for a couple miles brought us to the Tom Johnson Camping Center where we turned South on Resistoflex Rd and to the Rally Park where the RV-Dreams Rally is being held.

It was 11:10 when we pulled up to the registration tent, so it took us right at 45 minutes to travel the 35 miles up here. All the roads were very good and there was no construction.

In just a few minutes, Howard, (on his bicycle), was leading us to our site, # P6, which is right across from the pavilion. Being that there are only 60 some RVs coning to the Rally and the park is huge, they are parking most of all the RV in every other site, leaving an empty site between the RVs. That's nice and it doesn't feel crowded at all. :-)

I was kind of surprised at how many RVers came in yesterday since the Rally doesn't start until today, but then I realized that being that this is the start of the Memorial Day weekend, there's probably a problem getting into any CG this weekend as all the sites will be booked.

Some of Jim and Linda's friends stopped by already yesterday afternoon, and last night, Howard and Linda (the hosts of the rally), built a campfire over near the pavilion, where everyone gathered and visited.

This afternoon, there will be the "official registration" for the Rally and then this evening there will be a "Welcome Dinner" over at the pavilion with a "Welcome, introductions, schedule, and fun
Campfire" afterwords.

This should be a fun week and I'm really looking forward to all the activities going on around us.:-)

 Did you know that Founded in 1844, the city of Marion was named in honor of Brigadier General Francis Marion, the American Revolutionary War Hero whose talent in guerrilla warfare earned him the name “Swamp Fox”?



  1. Nice blog, love the area oriented facts at the end.

  2. So wish we could have made it. It will be fun hearing all about the rally!

  3. So good to hug your necks! We'll stop by to visit a bit some this week. Great group of folks here and so good to see you!

  4. It sure has been great seeing everybody. So happy to see Linda doing so well.