Saturday, December 6, 2014

Worrying Works

DeBary, FL.

66 deg. overcast, N. wind @ 4 mph.
Forecast = Partly cloudy. Slight chance of a rain shower. High 82F. Winds light and variable.

Worrying Works!!!  90% of what you worry about never happens!!!! When asked yesterday, what the scan looked like, the radiation doctor said, "Boring"!!  In other words, the scan contained nothing unusual and it looked like just a normal scan of a healthy person!!!!


Big RED said that he thinks that Linda smiled all the way from the doctor's office to the house. ;-) She was so excited that as soon as she got home, she called most of the family and told them the great news!! Then last evening, she and Jim went to Gram's Kitchen for dinner. They both had the Friday "all you can eat fish special" and said that it was just as good as they remembered, when they last went in July. :-)

The doctor told Linda that he wanted to see her again in 6 months, but when he found out that Linda and Jim had travel plans for next summer, he said that he'd see her in early April, (just before we'd be leaving), and then again next November when we return.

So, as of now, we're "good to go"!!!! :-)  Jim will start making some more definite travel plans and he and Linda can get back to more "normal" living.  Linda still has an appointment with the surgeon who did the cancer surgery and also the Chemo doctor, but those are just normal follow-up visits and should not be a problem.

Oh, and Nora will be going to the new RV Park in about a week and a half. Jim and Linda went to Highbanks the other day and Jim told them that he'd be taking her out of the park on the 16th or 17th of this month.

Did you know that three quarters of fish caught are eaten – the rest is used to make things such as glue, soap, margarine and fertilizer?



  1. Linda and Jim,
    Great news on the health front! Have fun planning your travels!

    Selene & Hank

  2. Congratulations on the clean scan!! I know that was quite the milestone, when I came back clean after my surgery.... In about 50 % of the cases like mine, it comes back as lung cancer... I've now been clean for three years and only have to go in once a year... Praise the lord................

  3. That's fantastic news!!! Now all you have to worry about is your travel plans for next year.

  4. Oh, we're SO happy to hear the news!!! Have fun planning your summer adventures :)

  5. I'm so excited! I just danced a little jig... well at least in my head. I can picture Linda's ear to ear smile.

  6. Wonderful news, "normal" results can be a little boring, but wonderful! Miss u guys!