Thursday, December 4, 2014

Shopping Finished, Anxiety and Is There A Move In The Near Future?

DeBary, FL.

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As of this last Sunday, all the Christmas shopping is finished and as of yesterday morning, Linda has all of the presents wrapped. Now, most of them need to be boxed up and sent off to family in VA, NC,  WI,  IL, and OR.

Other than day to day living not much has been happening around here. Yesterday, Linda had her first medical appointment since we've been back here in Florida. It was a scan at the Imagining Center at the Florida Hospital, (where she received her radiation treatments). Then, tomorrow, she'll go to see Dr. Graham, (the radiation doctor), to find out the results.

Linda has been having a lot of anxiety about going to get the scan and then going to the doctor to get the results. I can understand that. The outcome is going to make a huge difference in her life.

So, we wait. She's trying to stay busy, so she not always thinking about it.

Oh, and one other thing. As some of you know, Jim is not happy with the site that Nora is in over at Highbanks. Well, I think it was last Saturday, when he and Linda were out and about, buying Christmas Presents, that they spotted a Campground over in Deltona, that they didn't even know was there. They stopped in and talked to Beverly, (a lady that works for the CG part time). She was very nice and let Jim and Linda drive around in the park and see which sites were available. She also suggested that they come back on Monday and talk to Kelly, the manager, to get more information and the monthly rates, etc.

So, Monday morning they went back, talked to Kelly, (a very nice young lady that is the grand daughter of the original owner of the park). Jim and Linda were very impressed with her. The park doesn't have all the amenities that Highbanks has but it is quite a bit less expensive. It's about 15 minutes from the house here in DeBary, so it's not too far away, there are some nice shady sites available, the people in the park seem very friendly, the park is on a very nice lake and the park is gated, so it's not easily accessible to the public.

On the down side, the roads are not paved but do seem well maintained, there's only 30 amp electric in the park, it's farther from the house than Highbanks, it's in a more "rural" setting with not as many businesses nearby and probably about 80% of the sites are filled with permanents. (Highbanks also has a lot of permanents though).

I haven't seen the park yet, but Big RED says that he likes it. I think Jim and Linda like it also. And, from what I can gather from listening to what Jim and Linda have said, it sounds like on the 16th or 17th of this month, they'll be moving Nora over there.

A decision will have to be made very soon.

Did you know that today is "National Cookie Day"????

Yumm Yumm!!!!!



  1. Nora has wheels................. she can move again if she doesn't like her new home....

  2. Keeping Linda in our prayers for good results!